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How to Invite Your Team and Collaborate on Designs


Working on the design aspects of your business is not as simple as hiring a graphic designer and getting it done. You will often need to hire several graphic designers to work with various design aspects of your business. You will need to let them collaborate with each other to come up with the best design, even if it’s just a simple design project, such as creating a logo for your company.


By working with several graphic designers, you can have better insights on how you can complete the design project, and you will also have some unique ideas on how the design work should get done. To learn more about graphic design and how you can apply it in your business, you can use this unlimited design subscription. Here are some tips to invite your team and collaborate on designs:

Use the Same Graphic Design Platform for Your Team Members

The graphic design platform you are using to work on your design project should be the same for all team members. For instance, the online graphic design platform Canva offers the feature to allow you to collaborate with other team members in your design projects. By using the same graphic design platform, it will become much easier for you to collaborate on the graphic design work with other team members, as they can work on the same file, and the changes will get synchronized online.

Using the same graphic design platform will also eliminate common problems, such as incompatible files, bad layering problems, images not displaying as they should be, and so on. So, you can work on a single platform, such as Canva, and your team members will have no difficulty contributing to the design you are working on. You can also communicate with each team member without hassles.

Assign Each Team Member the Specific Design Tasks They Need to Work on

You can’t let your team members collaborate with each other if they don’t know the tasks they need to work on. You can’t just say to them to collaborate on the company logo design project without giving them any further directions. The best way to do this is to provide the detailed instructions on the tasks each team member needs to work on, so they can work on the assigned tasks without disturbing the other.

For instance, you can assign Team Member #1 to work on finding the best font and font color for the logo. You can assign Team Member #2 to work on finding the best color combination for the logo. You can assign Team Member #3 to create the overall layout for the logo. By giving specific tasks to each team member, you can make it easier for them to collaborate on the current project. They can also get feedback from the other team members about how to best apply their design choices.

Encourage Active Communications between Team Members

Working on the same design project requires each team member to have active communications to share what they think about the project. Active communications are also useful when they need to update the progress of the project to let other team members know about the current status of the project. With active communications, you can also let the team members know about the part of the design you like and the part of the design that might need to be fixed.

It’s best for you to streamline the communications between team members on the design project so they can communicate with each other without hassles. For instance, you can use the project management app like Trello to encourage active communications between team members. It can also streamline the communications during the project timeline, which will make it easier for each team member to post messages, share their thoughts, read notifications, check on the project timeline, and so on.


These are some tips you can follow to invite your team and collaborate on designs. Remember, without good team management, it will be difficult for you to get your design project done with your team members. With lack of communications, it will also be difficult for you to progress on the project, as there will be various potential misunderstandings you need to deal with along the way.

The best way is to give your team members the tasks they need to complete for the design project, while keeping them active in communications with each other. This way, you can let the project move forward in the direction that will ensure the best completion of the project.