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5 Tips for Finding and Hiring Dedicated Software Development Team

Let’s consider any software development as a startup. And the same as with any startup, a team needs to work out the minimal product value as a basement for success.


If you have finished with the concept and understood the value your IT product delivers, it comes time to find a dedicated software development team.

Of course, there is no necessity to search for any if you have already passed through a scope of different projects with some specialists and know that they will cope with your new project.

This situation is even more beneficial, as such a team is familiar with your demands and expectations.

But, mainly, businessmen do not have such experts by their side, and there arises a problem of getting them.

We suggest you considering outstaffing as an answer. This form of cooperation allows for costs and time-saving. It also enhances bringing to the project the best cut-edging tech solutions.

Well, a decision to hire some team via outsourcing provokes the consequent issue – how to find and choose the ones you need.

Please, follow the tips we presented below. They can serve as a guideline on the topic.

What is a Dedicated Development Team Model?

This model allows hiring outstaff employees with a contract that stipulates all technical requirements, budget deadlines, and the project’s roadmap.

It is a form of engaging experts to your project as subcontractors, who become a part of your business just for a project development duration. So, when the tasks are accomplished, and the product is developed, the mutual obligations also end.

There is one point you may be confused about. Dedicated employment of a development team is quite a different thing than employing freelancers.

The latter does not act as a unit, hence you can’t expect an efficient interaction between freelancers.

This factor eventually diminishes the efficiency of project development and its final quality.

The whole system of the dedicated development team hiring works with the help of vendors that provide searching and hiring processes. They serve as a medium between clients and developers. Such vendors study your requests and suggest to you the teams matching the peculiarities of your project.

The development team is equipped with all the necessary sources – workplaces, administrative assistance, hard and software by the vendors. So, technically a dedicated development team works for vendors that in turn work for you. But, practically the whole team stays in direct contact with the client and responds to all his challenges or requests on the project.

Development expenses are getting lower

One of the beneficial factors of hiring a dedicated development team is saving costs. And this is because you can hire experts originally living in countries with much lower fares and commodity prices rate.

A chance to work on the project with an expert who’s got specific skills and experience

In continuation of the previous point, we suggest considering a significantly high qualification of such specialists. All the members of the team pass the rigorous testing and have the relative experience as a must.

It means that there is no necessity for a regular business to set an in-house IT department just to develop an application or provide customers service online. The same is for IT corporations that get an extra order for the development of an IT product. Why extend the staff? Use a possibility to get an outstaff team for a project.

Great communication and management

The presented form of employing developers supposes systematic coordination and reporting.

You can assign a project manager to monitor a project and conduct coordination, or use any technological solutions on that purpose like special CRMs and project trekkers.

In any case, the team you hire will report you directly of all the nuances, peculiarities, issues and achievements, so that you are in the loop.


So, you got an idea of the digital startup of a project, but you are not thrilled to make large investments into a developer team, office renting, and management. Well, then the suggested way is right for you.

For instance, you can easily manage it services by 8allocate