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7 Reasons Marketing On Instagram Reels Is Better Then Marketing On TikTok


Social media has given rise to various trends. There is something new every day, and people do not hate a single second in embracing it. The latest addition to the trend cycle is the introduction of Instagram reels. The short-length video content format has captivated the audience like never before. With the presence of prominent artists, content creators, and brands on Instagram, it was no surprise that Instagram reels would be explored and used to market and promote their brand and products. It is a short yet advanced way in which your business can reach its target audience. Even though TikTok offers a similar option to brands and creators, Instagram has the edge over it. As the success of any campaign depends on likes and followers, to make the most of the features mentioned in the blog, you can use third-party services to buy Instagram views to increase Instagram views and engagement on your posts.

  1. Wider audience reach: With Instagram reels, it has become relatively easy to engage many users as reels are easy to create and can maintain users’ interest. It is a known fact that Instagram has an extensive user base. As the number of users of any social media platform directly affects the success of marketing strategies and reach of a product, you must place yourself and your brand on a platform that offers maximum reach. It is here that Instagram has the edge over its competitors as it has a more significant user base.
  2. Global presence: The broad user base of Instagram can be attributed to the fact that the platform is available and used by people across the globe. There is hardly any country that does not have Instagram users. Surprisingly TikTok, on the other hand, is a platform that is not available in all countries. Therefore as a marketing platform, it loses crucial points to Instagram. When you are looking for a wide audience presence, you are seeking to target a global audience. Therefore when you are looking to conquer the world, Instagram is your best bet. However, if you think your likes are not sufficient to attract global interest, use third-party tools to buy Instagram followers to increase followers on profile.
  3.  Instagram store feature: Users are always looking for ready and quick ways to shop. How many times have you been disappointed when you clicked on an ad, and it took you to a page where you could no longer find the item you were looking for. That is not the case with Instagram. Instagram has an excellent setup for brands and businesses. You can add a link to your website to the bio and add shoppable items directly on Instagram. This feature is also available through reels. Brands and creators can now label products on reels, and audiences viewing the reels can explore the product by clicking on it. They can get all relevant information about the product from there. This feature is not available on TikTok.
  4. Goodwill and strong presence: In line with the aspect mentioned earlier, TikTok has not been considered as a business promotion or marketing platform. This could be because it doesn’t provide the features that you need for marketing and promoting your business. On the other hand, Instagram has been business-focused and has a solid presence of brands and businesses. The platform provides them with users and multiple modes of promotion, but it is also the goodwill attached to the platform that makes it more appealing and credible. Therefore, more and more users and businesses rely on reels to reach audiences and improve their engagement rates.
  5. Platform functionality: Here, by functionality, we not only mean the effectiveness associated with the platform but also the kind of functionality it offers beyond it. Instagram and TikTok have unique filters and features that let you create high-quality video content. With the introduction of reels, the shorter video format is available on Instagram. TikTok can allow you to share your content in three spots; the ‘for you’ tab, the ‘following’ tab, and your ‘TikTok’ profile. On the other hand, Instagram Reel can be displayed in the explore page, the reels tab, account feed, and on your story if you wish to add it there.
  6. Content use: Instagram does not add any watermark on your video content that you create on it like TikTok. Such a watermark makes it harder for a brand or creator to post the content on other social media handles. Reels, on the other hand, can be posted on Instagram as well as many other social media handles. Additionally, Instagram reels can be easily edited again by adding or removing any part, whereas TikTok videos cannot be reedited by adding or subtracting some part.
  7. Availability of third-party tools: Under ideal circumstances, you won’t need any third-party help to promote your brand and business. However, with stiff contests, you need to get as much help as possible. Luckily both platforms are supported by various social media growth services and tools to gain followers and likes. However, more platforms offer plans and tools that support Instagram as compared to TikTok. You can always use their services to boost the performance of your reels when you buy Instagram views to get more Instagram views on your reel.

Mentioned above are some ways to guide you as to how Instagram Reels are better than TikTok or many other platforms. However, you must try and test yourself before making any choice for your business.