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AI and Marketing

AI is increasingly converting a central focus for the most leading giants of the IT business. More and more serious corporations are wasting their energies on improvements in this field, thinking that AI in the prospect will be the finding technology that will unlock a novel platform in the evolution of computer technology. But will AI somehow be able to change the field of marketing, to bring something extra to it?


The correctness of customer business analysis will improve

The still not famous American firm Emotient was able to produce software that can investigate even the most complex transformations in a person’s facial emotion and understand their usual sensations:

– happiness,

– violence,

– frustration,

– regret,

– fancy.

The general director of the company Ken Denham says that emotions are the basis of sales and human desire to buy something, so their research is very important. No one has yet been able to tap into a person’s feelings and understand what emotions a product evokes in them. If this is done, that marketing becomes much more effective. Consumers are willing to spend billions of dollars on all sorts of goods and the better marketers can find out their mood, the more successful will sell the necessary things or services.

Technology from Emotient has already had its first positive results. One person was asked to choose one of three choices of laundry detergent. The program examined the person’s facial expressions as they heard the smell of every powder. In the end, it was able to accurately guess which one he liked the most.

The ability to manage advertisement campaigns online

Numerous promoters over time distinguish flaws and gaps in their advertisements, which would be nice to decide to get a greater effect. The use of artificial intelligence in marketing will serve to do its best during the promotion campaign, exactly and unnoticed by customers. Marketing experts have concluded that by 2020, more than sixty% of the profits will provide programmatic advertisement, that is, the promotion that runs on the basis of AI.

That’s why:

  • Soon the most successful marketers will be those who quickly learn how to apply AI in their work.
  • As an example, we can point to the mobile platform LoopMe, which is able to apply AI to match content to a particular category of viewers and gadgets.

Max personalization of advertisement for every customer

The usage of AI is assisting marketers more and more, for instance, in the issue of analysis and improvement of consumer behavior. A vivid model of acceptable usage of AI in this view may be called, which through the learning of visible info from customers chooses the most personalized proposal with special stock features for each of them. This strategy serves to produce advertisements more useful and unique, to discover such options, which will be nice to the maximum quantity of customers.

It’s very advantageous to work for the promotion of one’s product such options as applying AI, which serves to establish and handle the interaction between customers and businesses:

I. For example, during the promotion of the brand Kpogg in poor countries, it practiced AI to implement the interaction between the business and customers through SMS messages. Thanks to this it was possible to construct a fairly detailed database of customers, their interests, and characteristics and improve interaction with them.

II. Another interesting example of AI in marketing is its use by shoe and clothing company NorthFace as an online consultant. Artificial Intelligence has shown itself to be exceptionally positive in this regard