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Artists and Art Lovers: 7 Podcasts They Should Listen To

As the demand for art rises, artists are currently struggling with how to create the best art to meet market needs. Artists constantly face challenges such as marketing, budgeting and securing their art. To deal with such difficulties, learning different concepts about art is necessary. One best way to learn is to listen to various art podcasts.


The podcasts are ideal because they share life experiences with the listeners. However, with many art podcasts today, selecting the best ones is challenging. Here are some top podcasts to consider.


1. The Working Artist

If you desire to learn about art, you need to learn about the best industry experts to train you on how to produce the best masterpieces. You need to learn from podcasts that can teach you about different aspects of art, such as marketing, securing and the best way to make beautiful art. One such podcast is hosted by Crista Cloutier, who hosts a podcast to narrate her journey as an artist.

Her podcast is one of the most suitable podcasts for artists since it provides extra resources for artists to learn. She shares concepts and other podcasts that can help artists learn from


other great artists. Her website also shares different resources and tools for artists. The resources include Q&A to answer some of the artists’ most common challenges. You can also access insights and resources from her partners, such as journals to market your products or the universities where you can enrol to learn more about art.

2. The Great Women artists

Katy Hassel focuses on making the art world equal to ensure both genders have access to the best resources for artists. She shares her experience with female uprising artists.

She does not focus on any art division but covers vast areas such as painting, sculpting, videography and photography. She talks with experts such as historians, curators and artists to help listeners learn more about the art. The interviews focus on crucial issues such as the challenges and the possible solutions to help artists.


3. The Savvy painter

This is one of the best podcasts for painters. The host, Antrese Wood, shares some profound insights that can help artists succeed in the most competitive segment of the art industry. The podcasts feature interviews with some famous artists and art ambassadors, such as Kevin Macpherson. This podcast can be ideal for newbies in the industry to learn more about beginning their careers in art.

Pros and those who have been in the industry for a while can learn other skills such as art organization, creating a gallery show and other strategies to help them monetize their paintings.


4. College art association

This podcast is ideal for professionals in the art industry. This is one of the oldest art podcasts with a wide staff committed to helping artists succeed in the industry. The podcasts focus on key concepts that affect artists.

They cover topics such as work-life balance to help artists become creative by boosting their social life. Other topics include budgeting to enable artists to determine the expenditures on the art business. The budgeting also covers critical concepts such as marketing, brand promotion, setting up galleries and helping artists promote their global operation.

5. ArtCurious

Not many are aware of the history of art. Many listen to art documentaries, but not all of these documentaries focus on critical concepts in the art industry. This podcast by Jennifer Dasal focuses on entertaining art lovers through advanced art history.

This podcast sometimes focuses on key art, such as the Mona Lisa. It also focuses on globally known artists such as Van Gogh and answers some related questions. The short and interesting episodes focus on how certain themes, such as World War II, shape art. Knowledge is critical for boosting creativity in the industry.

6. The abundant artist

One of the common myths about art is that it does not have much money, and artists can be poor despite having the best paints. Cory Huff, in his podcast, struggles and focuses on debunking such myths. His approach is more educational and problem-solving.


The podcast features art experts to train upcoming artists on how to make it in the competitive industry. Some famous artists featured in the podcasts include Andrew Tischler and Flora Bowley. These artists focus on licensing issues to avoid fraud and art theft. They also cover marketing and success tips to prove that art can make artists richer and more successful.

7. Art for Your Ear

The jealous Curator focuses on new dimensions, such as behind-the-scenes stories about the creation of specific arts globally. The podcast interviews different artists to understand how they come up with the art, the challenges and the motivations to create certain art. It also covers interviews with famous artists.

The guests in the podcast focus on sharing their experiences with art lovers and artists to ensure they learn critical concepts about art. The podcast air early in the morning while sharing inspirations for artists to begin their morning creatively.



There are many podcasts for experienced and upcoming art lovers. As much as you like one artist more, listening to the concepts shared by other artists is ideal for promoting diversity. You also need to select those that address your key concepts such as marketing, securing, creating a gallery and boosting art creativity.