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What Does A Postage Meter Do?


Postage meters were brought into existence as a result of basic innovation. These are more commonly known as franking machines. With the help of postage meters, physical evidence is attached to whatever mail you are trying to get through.


In many cases, businesses tend to lease these postage printing machines from authorized suppliers. It helps them in being more cost-effective and time efficient as well.

Purpose of Postage Meters

It can be a hassle to visit printing stations or postage companies only to print postage on their mails. This can be reduced with the help of a postage meter. All you have to do is lease it out for your business.

You will be able to get lower rental rates from five major companies around the globe that has the required certifications to manufacture postage meters. They would also provide you with long-term contracts that would add value to your B2B dealings.

An example of these companies is Pitney Bowes. You must make sure that you do not confuse stamp mail with postage mail. Stamp emails are pasted manually on the mails. Postage mails, on the other hand, get printed on the mails. This makes the mail more secure, and these are a lot cheaper as well.

Method of Using a Postage Meter

You need to follow a particular series of instructions if you want to use a postage meter. Your first step is to set up a proper mail. Then you need to decide on the postage values.

These must not have any mistakes. If there is any sort of customization that needs to be done, cater to that. Then you must print the postage meter and get done with the mails.

Cost Structure of Postage Meters

If you are looking for a postage meter for your business, no matter which country around the globe you have your operations in, you would want to keep your costs minimal. On average, for basic use, you will be able to get a postage meter for $20.

However, if you want customization and you want your postages to be tailored to your needs and that of your business, you will have to dig in deeper and obtain one for around $1000.

These are leasing values, and you will have to pay this amount every month. You need to take into consideration that you cannot purchase a postage meter. You have to rent it out to be able to use it in the future.

When to Purchase a Postage Meter

A postage meter would only be worth the money that you intend on investing if you send multiple emails throughout the month to different customers and other entities.

However, if you know that you would probably be sending 4 to 5 emails every month, then there is no point in leasing it out. You can manage to spare a few dollars and some minutes to visit the mail service station for that.

These are all the reasons why postage meters are important for businesses and how they can make the best use of them.

Postage meters brought a revolutionary change, and it has become important for companies to adapt to it. It would help them in creating value in their communication lines.