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How to Successfully Use Custom Stickers and Labels for Marketing


Marketing can be incredibly competitive and difficult. In 2019 alone, US businesses spent $21.23 billion on marketing (Source).


You might just be starting your business journey or simply do not have the budget for your marketing department to go wild. We are here to help you put your resources to the best use and hit your growth targets with minimal investment.

And no, we will not be talking about SEO and conversion rates. As powerful as these tools can be, we are taking it back to basics today with custom stickers and labels.

Yes, you read that right: real-life stickers, not those you can send using WhatsApp or other messengers. To start with, let’s clarify what exactly we mean by that.

Stickers and labels are adhesive-backed pieces of paper or vinyl that can be printed on. Stickers are usually individually cut, whereas labels come on sheets, as pictured below. When peeled, both look exactly the same. However, labels on sheets are 65% faster and easier to peel, which can be an absolute time saver if you have to apply hundreds of them.

Now, let’s jump straight into the many ways you can make stickers and labels work for you.

1. Brand your packaging

Stickers and labels are incredibly cost-effective and will end up only costing you pennies per stickers. This is a great way for small businesses to brand their products. You can bulk buy your jars or boxes at a low price and then add your own logo.

Many sticker printers offer a great range of material, allowing you to create a coherent brand experience. Is your packaging compostable? Then make sure you pick a biodegradable sticker that can be composted as well. Do you want your design to really stand out? Choose a holographic label that will make your design shine. There are no limits to your creativity.

2. Limited edition seals

The release of limited edition lines is a long-established marketing strategy. A simple white paper label can create the illusion of scarcity around your product. It limits the time customers have to make a purchase decision and makes your brand appear more desirable and luxurious.

It also helps you stand out from your competitors. While their products will continue to be available in weeks time, it is your product that demands an immediate decision from consumers.

Limited edition labels

3. Giveaways

This is where you can really tap into the superpower of stickers. Given in the right moment, they are not seen as an advertising tool, but are perceived as a gift. Subconsciously, this evokes social psychology’s rule of reciprocity. The receiver feels the need to return the favor, through a recommendation, a purchase or even a social media post.

The latter can be amplified if you give away stickers to influencers. They will then post these on their feed or story and generate instant exposure for your brand. We recommend reaching out to influencers with less than 100,000 followers to make sure your PR box will not get lost amongst dozens of other brands.

If you would like to give stickers away, we recommend opting for a die-cut vinyl sticker. These are individually cut around the shape of your design and perfect for many applications.

4. Guerilla Marketing

You probably have come across this term in a different setting. Guerilla is a war term that describes the advantage smaller groups have over the traditional military. In advertising, it refers to unconventional strategies used to generate visibility for your brand.

Instead of huge budgets, guerilla marketing depends on time, creativity and energy. You want to catch customers off-guard and ignite an emotional reaction. This interaction with your business forges positive associations and makes sure you will be remembered.

You will find many great examples on Google, but do not be intimidated by the big brands. Simply plastering your location with biodegradable stickers will get people talking!

And that’s it, 4 tips on using custom stickers and labels for your marketing. We hope we could inspire you to give them a try and watch your business grow. If you are already using stickers or have some additional ideas, we would love to hear from you in the comments!