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The 5 Most Popular Greeting Cards for Different Occasions

You have probably felt helpless because you want to tell someone just how special they are but don’t know how to say it best. Maybe you have a friend off on a long adventure and need to say a proper goodbye, or you have a special someone who is marking an important milestone or occasion in their life. One way to convey your feeling and show that you love them is by sending them greeting cards.


A greeting card is an illustrated message expressing affection, sympathy, gratitude, goodwill, or other sentiments. They are sent in observance of a special day or event and can be classified into two general classifications: every day and seasonal. Seasonal cards include Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Easter, Halloween, etc. On the other hand, everyday cards include those commemorating anniversaries or birthdays, cards of congratulations, friendship, condolence, gift cards, and bon voyage cards.

The exchange of illustrated greetings among people goes back to ancient times. Different civilizations marked events by exchanging symbolic presents. Today, nine out of ten households buy greeting cards every year. In this piece, you will learn some of the most popular greeting cards and why you must send them to your loved ones.

1. Christmas Cards

The Christmas card is sent as an expression of goodwill at Christmastime. Many cards display religious themes and symbols, but secular winter motifs are also popular. The practice of sending Christmas cards has been a tradition in many English-speaking nations, and many other countries are following suit.

It is believed that the first Christmas card was designed by John Callcott Horsley in 1843. A 1000 hand-colored copies edition was placed on sale in London, with the cards depicting a family party at the center and the words, “ A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to You” below.

2. Birthday Cards

This greeting card is sent to someone celebrating their birthday. The origin of the card is unclear, and its traditions vary from one culture to the other.

Birthday cards are the most popular greeting cards, accounting for more than half of the cards sold. They are an essential part of different cultures and deliver different meanings personally and culturally. The cards might indicate a society’s attitudes towards aging, gender-based expressiveness, and love communication.

You can go all out with your papercraft creations to celebrate the birthday of a loved one in style. The cards work best if they are personal and tailored to that particular person. So, make sure you are not sending a generic card.

3. Anniversary Cards

From the first meeting to the first date to engagement anniversaries, you can never miss remembering these days. Anniversary cards can be given by one person to another to commemorate them and rekindle the feeling. The most common anniversary card is the wedding anniversary. This is usually a special moment for couples to reflect on their big day and relive their wedding jitters and loved-filled blessings. It is a reminder of why a couple first fell in love, their dreams and hopes, and their life together.

It is easy to take someone you love for granted after spending most of your time with them. With anniversaries, you get to show them the love and attention they deserve. The cards are simple and heartfelt ways to mark the special day. A couple will write warm messages to one another, and wishes from family and friends will also make the day better.

4. Bon Voyage Cards

This is the perfect way to say goodbye to a family or friend about to travel. They could be going on an adventure, business trip, or relocating. A bon voyage card will convey good wishes and express support for the traveling person.

Bon voyage cards come in various formats and styles. Some may feature a specific theme related to travel, such as plane, boat, or train, while others will be more generic. The message in the card will vary depending on the relationship between the sender and the receipt and typically includes a message of good wishes, encouragement, or some tips for safe and enjoyable travels.

5. Congratulation Cards

Celebrating the wins and achievements of those in your life is always best. A good way of doing so is by sending congratulation cards. Cute cards can make someone’s day. There are many scenarios where you can send cards: someone might have done well in their exams, a friend might have been accepted to a college, a loved one might have secured a new job, and many other cases.


Greeting cards have been around for many years and will continue for years to come. They are an excellent way of communicating feelings and showing how much you appreciate the important people in your life. You have no excuse for failing to touch the lives of those close to you with something as simple as sending a card. These five greeting cards can be a great place to start as you commemorate different occasions with those that matter to you. Try them today!