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Housekeepers in Hollywood Spill Your Favorite Celebrities’ Home Life Secrets


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While you may feel like you have some insight to your favorite celebrity’s lifestyle and home routines through social media, it’s their housekeepers who have the real secrets. These housekeepers decided to let us in on how some of the most famous people in the world really live.


Ariana Grande Doesn’t Like to Walk

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Ariana Grande doesn’t like to walk sometimes. So, according to one of her bodyguards, she will request to be picked up and carried around like a baby when she doesn’t feel like walking. It’s a good thing she’s tiny.

George Clooney Lacks Manners

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George Clooney may be one of the most beautiful men in the world, but apparently he doesn’t have any manners around his housekeepers. Previous maids have said that he is stingy and will always check his liquor to make sure none of it was taken.

Mariah Carey Drank A Lot of Liquor

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Many staff members of Mariah Carey said that she treated them very well. However, she would have the liquor flowing almost all the time. So much so that she would get tipsy and loopy and would even need help getting dressed.

Madonna Fired Her Maid for Wanting to Quit

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Madonna went on to fire one of her maids who handed in her two weeks notice. Even though the nanny and housekeeper put in her notice saying she had to leave for personal reasons, Madonna gave her only two hours to leave the property.

Victoria Beckham Fired Her Maid for Talking to Her Beautician

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The fashion icon and former Spice Girl fired her maid after she found out she was talking to her beautician, who reportedly spoke to a newspaper claiming that she had hooked up with Victoria’s husband, David.

Dean McDermott Doesn’t Wear Pants

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It’s his house, his rules. Dean McDermott decides to walk around in just his underwear when lounging around in his own house. The housekeepers probably don’t mind looking at his ripped body too much.

Demi Moore Requires Perfect Lighting

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Demi Moore requires the perfect lighting in her house. That means there is a soft amber glow throughout her house because it is the most flattering light. While Demi looks fantastic for being in her 50’s, this is a little much.

Serena Williams Requires Housekeepers to Watch Her Matches

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Tennis player Serena Williams not only requires housekeepers to clean her home and in running order, but to also watch every one of her matches so they can give feedback. Unfortunately, the only type of feedback she is looking for is praise.

Ozuna Doesn’t Like to Claim Money

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Puerto Rican singer Juan Carlos Ozuna Rosado kept cash in his home rather than declaring it as income when it came time to do taxes. According to a housekeeper, she believes she was fired because she questioned him about it.

Victor Oladipo’s Home Must Always Smell Nice

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Basketball player Victor Oladipo requires his home to always smell nice. There was a specific scent he wanted after every game he played. If he didn’t like the smell of the house, he would make the housekeeper clean everything again.

Michael Gandolfini Liked His Sopranos DVDs Dusted

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Michael Gandolfini’s, James Gandolfini’s son, had a housekeeper while he was in high school. She said that he had her dust and clean each DVD in his The Sopranos box set. He would check them over and make her do them again if he wasn’t happy.

Gladys Knight’s Studio Had to be Feng Shui

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Gladys Knight admitted in an interview that she required her housekeepers to keep her studio in Feng Shui. She believed that Feng Shui affected her music.

Jennifer Lopez Doesn’t Pay Well

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Ever wonder how J-Lo can afford designer gowns and pricey jewelry? Apparently she saves quite a bit of money because she pays her housekeepers about half of what housekeepers usually make.

Jason Momoa’s Kids Have No Rules

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Jason Momoa is a pretty laid back guy. So laid back that he doesn’t have any rules for his children and lets them run around the house wild doing whatever they want.

Lindsay Lohan Parties In Her House A Lot

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Lindsay Lohan is known for her crazy partying and wild nights. Apparently, her housekeepers have to tiptoe around a sleeping Lohan after a party at her house to clean up.

Miley Cyrus’s Pets Aren’t House Trained

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Miley Cyrus is a busy celebrity, so busy that she didn’t have time to housetrain her animals. According to a housekeeper, the animals would do their business right inside the house, making it stink and the housekeepers would have to watch where they walked.

Bruce Springsteen Is a Notorious Flirt

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No matter what your job is working for Bruce Springsteen, he will be sure to hit on you all the time. He is known around town for flirting with his staff.

Kate Gosselin Can’t Keep a Housekeeper

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The mother of eight children finds it difficult to keep a housekeeper around. She is extremely difficult to work with and demands a lot of her house staff, which includes long work hours and cleaning up after all of her children.

Johnny Depp Keeps His Costumes

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Johnny Depp is a pretty strange person. His housekeeper reported that he has an entire closet dedicated to the costumes he wore in his movies. He also likes to “slip into character” on the fly sometimes.

Reese Witherspoon is Fantastic to Work For

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Reese Witherspoon is known as one of the most down to earth and friendliest celebrities out there. She treats her staff well and is kind to her housekeepers. According to one housekeeper, Reese gave her $200,000 worth of designer clothes that she was going to get rid of.

Angelina Jolie Laughs at Her Children’s Temper Tantrums

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The world may see Angelina Jolie has a super great mother with all of her children. However, according to some old housekeepers, she will just stand and watch, sometimes even laugh, as her children have temper tantrums.

Jamie Dornan Loves Needlepoint

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Jamie Dornan is nothing like his character, Christian Grey. Rather than having a sex dungeon in his home, he enjoys sitting down and doing some needlepoint. Some of his walls are covered with his favorite needlepoint pieces.

Selena Gomez is a Slob

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Selena Gomez is a slob. She leaves her clothes, makeup stains, and dirty underwear all over the place. It just takes her one day to completely trash a hotel room.

Tom Cruise’s Home Extremely Clean

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Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, when they lived together, required an extremely clean home. The housekeepers were never able to do a great job in his eyes. In fact, according to one of his staff members, he wouldn’t even let Katie use certain rooms in the house.

Christian Bale Pretends to be Patrick Bateman

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Christian Bale is known for his role as Patrick Bateman in American Psycho. Apparently, he loved the role so much that he became obsessed with it and even pretends to be Patrick sometimes.

Paul Deen is Boring

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According to one of Paula Deen’s ex-assistants, she is extremely boring. He went on a Royal Caribbean cruise with her where she removed all of the liquor and stayed in minuscule rooms.

Eminem Is Pretty Shady

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Eminem’s former bodyguard, Bryon “Big Naz” Williams, wrote a tell-all after being fired from his job. The book is “a pathetic portrait of Eminem as an irresponsible, deeply unhappy man-child who relies on his bodyguard/self-styled mentor/babysitter/conscience/better half/life coat for everything.”

It’s Always Dark at Sandra Bullock’s House

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Sandra Bullock always has her curtains closed in the house. This is so that paparazzi can’t take pictures of her son, Louis. Even though she is famous, she doesn’t want him exposed to the craziness of Hollywood.

Taylor Swift is a Crazy Cat Lady

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Taylor Swift is a pretty private person. However, her housekeeper claims that she is a full on crazy cat lady. She has a ton of cat memorabilia around the house along with many of her own cats. She will even leave food outside for strays.

Naomi Campbell is Obsessed with Candles

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Supermodel Naomi Campbell is obsessed with lily-scented candles and needs at least 25 of these candles in every room of her house according to her old assistant.

Ryan Gosling Doesn’t Stand While He Pees

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It turns out that Ryan Gosling is pretty strange. According to a housekeeper, he pees sitting down, sleeps with his head at the foot of the bed, and claims the stairs on all fours.

Kristen Stewart Smokes Everywhere in her House

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According to housekeepers, Kristen Stewart smokes in every room of her house and she smokes a lot. Her maids have to clean up cigarette butts from the shower, inside the fridge, and almost every surface in the house.

Justin Theroux Uses Fifty Shades of Grey As a Reference Guide

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Justin Theroux apparently kept a copy of Fifty Shades of Grey next to his bedside. Maybe it was for reference when he was married to Jennifer Aniston?

Jessica Simpson Leaves Her Hair Everywhere

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According to Jessica Simpson’s maid, Jessica leaves her fake eyelashes and hair extensions all over the house. One time the maid thought her eyelashes were a tarantula on the floor.

Kim Kardashian is Very Messy

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Kim Kardashian has a ton of clothes. According to her maid, “She has clothes everywhere. Kim refuses to hang up anything herself. No matter how often it was cleaned, the minute Kim entered, everything was trashed, like a tornado had just gone through it.”

Jennifer Aniston Walks Around Topless

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It’s a good thing Jennifer Aniston looks amazing for her age because she likes to walk around practically naked when she’s at home. This may make her housekeepers a tad uncomfortable.

J. Cole Has His Guest’s Shoes Cleaned

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When visiting J. Cole’s home, expect to walk out with clean shoes. He asks his housekeepers to clean every one of his guests’ shoes when they come to visit.

Khloe Kardashian is Obsessed with Labels

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Khloe Kardashian suffers from a little OCD. Her former maid claims that Khloe had to have all of her food in clear boxes with labels in her pantry.

Megan Fox Doesn’t Allow Maids to Clean Her Kids’ Rooms

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Megan Fox has three children with her husband Brian Austin Green. She instructs her housekeepers never to clean her kids’ rooms so they learn how to keep a clean room and be responsible.

Carrie Underwood Needs her Food Prepared

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After Carrie Underwood broke her wrist, she requested her housekeeper to prepare all of her food before she cooked it. This means chopping up any vegetables or slicing meat for the singer. While Carrie’s wrist has healed, this request hasn’t stopped.

Jim Carrey Is Unpredictable

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According to Jim Carrey’s housekeeper, his emotions are all over the place. “One moment he is the sweetest and the next he is screaming at you,” one of them said. Apparently, after finding a love for painting, he has become much calmer.

Britney Spears Keeps Some Strange Items in Her Nightstand

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Britney Spears’s nightstand is full of adult toys. Not only that but maids have found half eaten burgers, fries, and cookies under her bed while cleaning her room.