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Where to Find the Best Billboards in San Francisco


San Francisco is a city unlike any other. A west coast wharf town, San Francisco combines all of the promise and newness of the west coast with the wisdom and history of the east. This creates a city in a class all its own with a unique population to match. San Francisco is known for its incredible contributions to arts and culture, as well as having some of the most stunning architecture in the world. One look at the iconic row houses bordering Golden Gate Park will leave you with a breathless appreciation for the beauty of this iconic city!


Now you may be asking yourself, “What does this have to do with billboards?” Well, the answer is, a lot. San Francisco’s incredibly diverse community can serve as a boon to your business. You see, the city’s diversity becomes your strength, as the chances for your ad to resonate in the mind of a customer increases exponentially. And though this is often true of many major cities, what makes San Francisco unique on the west coast, is the city’s emphasis on public transportation and foot traffic. This means that the period of time in which your customer will be in front of the ad is much longer than a usual advertorial interaction. This marks a major distinction in the San Francisco ad space than say a city like Los Angeles where one drives past a billboard so quickly they don’t have time to register what they’ve seen.

Though it should be noted that if your business is looking to erect a new piece of signage it will have to do so on the business’ property itself. This is due to San Francisco’s regulatory ban on the erection of new billboards within the city.

In this day and age, many may consider billboards to be a largely outmoded form of advertorial. But billboards actually still remain one of the most effective forms of out-of-the-home advertising. There is something about the grandeur of a billboard that cannot be replicated in the digital space, and companies who recognize this majesty are often the companies who are gaining real attention to their brand!

Now that we’ve convinced you of the efficacy of San Francisco billboards, let’s take a further look at some of the neighborhoods and spots in the city, where your business will make the most impact!

Walkin’ the Wharf 

If you’re looking for a location that has heavy foot traffic, a strong identity within the city, and some of the best soft-shelled crab you’ve ever eaten, then look no further than Fisherman’s Wharf! The Wharf is a fun touristy type area, where one can often find couples holding hands, or families on that long overdue outing. This powerful atmosphere of emotion and nostalgia makes the wharf an excellent choice for businesses that are looking to attract new customers!

Living the NightLife 

South of Market or SOMA is a bustling neighborhood located on the coast north of the Mission District. SOMA hosts a number of attractions with a high level of attendance. This includes AT&T Park, the home of the Giants, and other San Francisco favorites! SOMA is also known for its nightclubs, a high-energy affair that attracts many into the area. Last but not least SOMA also features the SFMOMA, a modern art museum that shows the latest in contemporary arts. All of this serves to make SOMA an undeniably rich advertorial playground for your company due to its high volume of traffic from SF’s nightlife, as well as two of San Francisco’s most major attractions all being housed in one neighborhood!

Hanging in Historical Chinatown! 

Did you know that San Francisco’s historic Chinatown is one of the oldest in The United States? Yup! San Francisco’s Chinatown has a lot of amazing history, and it draws quite a crowd to boot! This is a spot often visited by tourists. With traffic rivaled only by Fisherman’s Wharf. What the Wharf doesn’t have, however, is Chinatown’s incredible culinary history. With roots dating back to the eighteen hundreds, Chinatown has a long and storied tradition within the city, and this extends to its food as well. With a cultural hotspot like this, it’s easy to see why any business could benefit from a presence in Chinatown!

San Francisco is one of the greatest cities in the world! A cultural hub with a rich history and wide range of activities, San Francisco is truly a city full of opportunity. Which makes the city a perfect staging ground for your company, so that you can get the word out about your business in one of the densest and richest cities on earth! We hope this has been an informative article for you and we’re looking forward to seeing what neighborhood you decide is best for your company!