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Effective SEO Trends to Drive Traffic on Your Site in 2021

Driving traffic to your site in the year should be your New Year’s resolution, especially if you are a website owner. Here are ten such SEO (search engine optimization) trends that promise to pull in traffic on your site and will guarantee you more business and loyalty from your customers. When SEO is winged correctly, you can derive a ton of organic traffic out of it. Dig in to explore.


Table of Contents

  1. Core Web Vitals
  2. Google’s BERT
  3. Keyword research
  4. Original content
  5. Voice search
  6. Artificial intelligence
  7. Video marketing
  8. Featured snippets
  9. Influencer SEO
  10. EAT & branded SEO
  • Core Web Vitals:

Recently, Google stated out loud the three metrics used to measure a user experience, namely, interactivity, loading, and visual stability. Now, you might be wondering – aren’t all of these three traits related to the speed of the page? Well, yes, you are right. These factors determine how soon a page interacts and how stable it is whilst loading another core web vital is the security element too. Adding an SSL Certificate ensures that your in-transit data is encrypted and steers away from the knuckles of cybercrime.

  • Google’s BERT:

Google’s BERT (Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers) algorithm uses a perfect blend of machine learning and natural language processing to understand the searches users are looking for. Interestingly, it covers over 70 international languages. With this, the Google search engine bots tend to become more conversant and interpret the user’s actual intent behind the search. Long story short, it can now understand things just like a human brain does.

  • Keyword Research:

With the rising advancements in SERP, it is of high pertinence that you zero in on keyword research. It is time to find keywords that can put in a substantial amount of traffic and double up your sales in no time. So, how to get started? To begin with, add long-tailed keywords to your content. Use Google Search Console –this is where you can seamlessly find unique keywords as per your niche. Your keyword research will differ from industry to industry, so be specific.

  • Original Content: 

It is no fun to find content that you have already come across sometime in the past. On similar tracks, a customer to wishes for fresh and unique content. Also, the more you have duplicity in your content pieces, the higher your chances are that you will get penalized for plagiarism. That is why put out authentic content that is liked by Google’s algorithm, and you will soon be tagged as a trusted brand in the eyes of Google and your audience as well.

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  • Voice Search:

It is no surprise that the major portion of your customer base is the millennials. And millennials prefer to use voice search on their mobile phones to search for a query. Note that the customers are looking for a specific answer when they use voice search instead of the regular search. You can now safely assume that voice search optimization is being opted for more and is expected to continue trending in the future to come as well.

  • Artificial Intelligence:

AI is completely changing the marketing industry in and out. The reason behind this craze is the personalization it covers to the customers. Utilizing AI and ML can be a total game-changer if used in the right way. It can give rise to more efficiency and power to the teams, decode the algorithms real fast and create favourable strategies for both customers and the company.

  • Video Marketing:

It is no big news that YouTube is the second most popular search engine, right after Google. For starters, begin by optimizing your video channel name and its respective description. Make sure it has the right keywords to allow the users to find what they want with the first click. Also, you may use its autocomplete feature. These suggestions are the related keywords that you can use for video optimization and reach out to the target audience. This way, you will always be on the top of the searches.

  • Featured Snippets:

Featured Snippets or the Position Zero are the ones that spear at the top of SERP in a highlighted rectangular box. To get your blog in the featured snippets’ results, you need to answer a specific question and give away the answer in the form of bullet points. In short, the better the structure of your answer is, the higher are the chances that your answer will be featured in position Zero.


  • Influencer SEO:

Needless to say, influencers are the ones who have millions of followers. Such influencers earn the confidence and trust of your target audience over the years. Just in the case when they come forward to support your brand, the return on investment can be brought out in geometric progression. On that note, 89% of the marketers think that the return on investment from influencer marketing is comparable to or better than the other marketing methods. While you do that, you should be certain about choosing the influencers to supplement your SEO strategy.

  • EAT & Branded SEO:

EAT stands for Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness. Slowly, SEO is shifting to authority and branding. The more your brand gets to be popular; the higher are your chances of ranking on Google. That is why it is more than necessary to make efforts to establish your brand’s stance and reputation. Try to make it a priority in your SEO strategy. Also, make it a point to build brand awareness in augment brand search queries organically.

That’s a Wrap


Practice these ten steps, and you are assured of seeing some shining results in no time. Now, your content won’t only rank better but also see more ROI, revenue, sales, and profits as well. The right SEO tools can help you get the information you need to guide a smart SEO strategy.