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3 Wedding Invitations Designs That Will Take Your Breath Away


Wedding planning is strenuous and tough. Right from when you say “yes” until you say “I do,” the planning journey is very hectic. Every small detail needs to be looked at with precision for you to organize the perfect wedding that you planned it to be. Every aspect of the wedding needs special care, but when it comes to wedding invitations and designs, you have to walk that extra mile to get that one card that portrays your emotions better. If you also want the first impression that you are going to convey to your guests to be special. And if you want to properly let them know about the happiness that you are experiencing, then your invitation cards must aptly capture your emotion, then read along to learn about some unique ideas.


Idea 1:Stars will align

This is a very recent addition to modern invitation card templates. It looks very special and unique when it comes to fresh ideas. As the name suggests, It properly captures how your stars have aligned and two perfect souls have come together to start a new phase of their life. You can always create wedding invitations that have a personal touch to show the level of intimacy you feel with each other. Create something that captures the love that is growing to see the love reach its ultimate destination finally. This card is a perfect way of showing how your love is beyond this world. The perfect color combination gives it an edge over all other design templates. You can always customize the colors of your invitation cards as per your interest and likeness. But going with the original colors that portray the blue sky and the twinkling stars in them with space where you have your message and wordings of the invitation can also look perfect. When you see your name written in the space between the stars, you feel so special. It is almost like you were meant to be together, and even the heavens are rooting for you.

Idea 2:Moody florals

You might think that Florals have been around for quite a long time. What is so different about this design? Well, the alignment and choice of floral design are what make it different from all the regular outdated floral designs you have seen. The colors of the flowers shown in accordance with the background are the main highlight of the whole design. You can create a wedding invitation including all the flowers that you feel are special in your relationship and marks a notable memory in your life. When printed on a darker background with your name and wordings written in light shades, the flowers that you choose make it look worth looking at. The blossoming flowers that are shown on the card properly capture the happiness and love you feel in your heart and convey this aptly to your guests and family members. You can choose colors like black or blue in the background to make it look more attractive. When your floral designs and your name is printed on them, it seems like black and blue it looks a lot more highlighted. With this card, you are also going with the Trend of black wedding invitations that has captured the market in recent years.

Idea 3: To have and hold

This is another trend that you can select where you can have a pre-wedding portrait with your partner wearing beautiful designer dresses. If you are looking for certain ideas for your costume and outfit that you want for the photo shoot, then you can check out Then you can choose a photograph that you like the best. Get it printed on the invitation card and with the words to have and to hold printed on it, convey your message of inviting all your loved ones to the most special day of your life. You can always go with the rectangular invitation card, but if you do not want to go with the traditional style, you can always close the design. For instance, instead of having a rectangular invitation card, you can always have a bracketed card. You can also choose an oval-shaped card. You can also choose the one that has kind of a rectangular shape, but the ends are not sharp; they are rounded. This Way, You Are breaking from the regular rectangular Trend and bringing in something to your invitation card. The personalization of the card with your photograph also makes it worth your time.