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Using Univers Font in Logos: 5 Questions Answered

Every company is looking for a unique logo to highlight its products in the market. Many pro designers sometimes get confused about choosing the right typeface for their logo design.


You might see plenty of inspiring ideas for a logo design but how to choose a perfect font for this brand identity is a bit tricky to learn. Most companies get maximum attention and deliver their brand message with their logo. As a pro designer, it is so important to get the right feel of choosing a perfect font combination for every design to impress your audience.

Let’s learn this relationship of typography with the logo design to set up a perfect brand identity:

The Basics of Typography

Before straightaway moving to the steps of choosing a font for any logo design, you have to learn the psychology of fonts.

The textual data of any design will catch the mind of its viewer; if it is created with a perfect color pattern. Any inspiring text of a particular design will provide precise information about the brand and its message. Most consumers make up their minds and get the exact idea about the company from its logo. If you perfectly display this text in your design, then there is a certain chance that the viewer will be impressed by your design and think about your brand.

Choosing the right typeface is so important for any design, especially the logo. Most brands focus so much on this textural appearance and try to choose a perfect typeface to represent this brand identity.

How Many Typefaces are Required in a Design

Now, you might be thinking about how many fonts you can apply to any design. Well, you can utilize as many typefaces in a single design as you want. However, it is better to combine two or three fonts in a single design for a perfect enterprise.

Professional designers mostly associate one or two typefaces in a logo; they use any bold format on the brand name for stronger impact, and any other decent font for the remaining text. This combination will provide a perfect view to present any brand identity. You can even pair more font styles to shape your design in a fancier way but it depends on the nature of the brand and its utility.

This pair should be picked from multiple font types; the top heading should be in a general serif font and the other textual form can be decorated with slab serif or script font. It is also important to maintain the right psychology and legibility between these font types for a perfect display.

How to Choose an Ideal Font for your Logo – Five Basic Questions

Well, you can easily get the attention of the viewer with the right font for your logo design. If you are a professional designer and want a perfect logo for any brand, then you should choose a univers font family which supports you to create a legible design for any logo. As you get this typeface from a sans-serif family so you can combine it with serif or script font to make it interesting for your audience.

Now, if you want to understand this concept and trying to learn the real feel of choosing the typeface for any logo design; you can gain this knowledge from the following important questions that will enable you to discover the right font for your logo design within seconds:

How to Identify your Brand’s Personality?

Initially, you can clarify your brand’s personality to your audience. It is so important to choose the right combination of typefaces while choosing your logo font. The influence of your brand is heavily dependent upon this typeface selection. Whether you represent any professional company or want to pick some casual styles for any brand logo, you must know about the personality of your brand.

Which Popular Typeface Options do you have for your Logo?

You will find tons of popular font choices from different resources. Any designer can easily access these fonts and use them in any of their visual elements. It’s quite a common practice to mix the serif and script or sans-serif typeface in a single design and make a perfect contrast of your textual information. Here, you should precisely choose the right combination of various typefaces for every logo design. It might take some time to learn this art, but once you get the right feel of this skill, you will be able to pick the right mixture of any design within seconds.

How can you Tell your Audience about your Logo’s Font Choice?

Most consumers believe in the visual items of their brands and make up their minds just by noticing their images or videos for representation of different products. They don’t have the time to read the brand’s messages in textual form. As a designer, you should ensure the precise textual data in your design and make it interesting for your reader so that they notice this brand identity.

What Technique Should You Use to Keep it Simple and Readable?

If you craft a perfect combination of different typefaces for your logo design, now again it’s your responsibility to make it readable for its viewer as well. Professional designers can’t go wrong with this point and should choose a legible text format in their logo design.

Another important aspect of this readability point is to keep your design simple. You might notice the logos of many popular brands. The textual format of their designs is quite modest. As a pro designer, you should also show the credibility of your brand without showing any fancier items in your logo design.

What Type of Typography Mistakes Should You Avoid in your Logo Design?

There are plenty of typographical mistakes that you should avoid in any of your visual identities of the brand. The worst mistake is of course the legibility of your text. It should be readable for everyone.

Moreover, you have to maintain the right hierarchy of your text in the logo as well. Of course, the typeface options are unlimited, so you have to craft a perfect ladder by stretching your text from top to bottom. It will give a perfect track to its viewer to read the entire textual information of your design. Finally, you also need to take care of the drop shadow, kerning, and other outline effects in your logo design.

Importance of Typeface in any Design

I hope that you are getting plenty of tips and tricks about choosing a perfect logo font for any design. You can’t deny the importance of a typeface in any of your visual elements, especially in the case of a logo you should be extremely vigilant in your selection. Although you have endless options to choose from, you have to make your logo content legible and fancy enough to impress your audience.

Besides all this, you must know that you are delivering the brand message in your design. Therefore, you must know the purpose of your brand products and use them for creating the right typeface in your design. Currently, most manufacturers use these visual elements as the main representation of their brands and apply modern marketing strategies in these designs, so the chosen font for these designs can change your business game.

How to Use the Font in a Logo – Final Thoughts

Choosing the right pair of the font in any logo design is extremely important. Most brands are always looking for the right typeface combination to impress their audience. The clarity of this visual element is so important to deliver the right message to its viewer.

As a designer, you should keep your options of picking the typefaces simple for better readability. It is better to combine two fonts for a single logo; the main message should be delivered in Serif format and the remaining text can be displayed in script font type. This will make a perfect pair of typefaces to display in any brand logo.