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5 Advantages 3D Visualization Brings Architects


CGI has practically uprooted and transformed the approach architects use in their projects now. The biggest benefit of 3D visuals is that it’s become the means to present anticipated results in the best quality ever possible. This is how 3D rendering succeeds in attracting a record number of investors with such ease.


It is understandable as seeing the result before even investing in it casts away all hesitations. The traditional method was never quite as successful. The absence of actual photos made it ever so hard to convey the future design, and sketches could only show an outline. Of course, you could make a physical model, but that would require an unjustified amount of effort.

With 3D Visualization Services, all these challenges are long forgotten. With just a bare minimum of time and effort, an architect can now make a breathtaking presentation and, on top of that – tackle certain work-related problems. That is not all wonders 3D rendering can offer. We welcome you to find out more!

#1. 3D Images and Animations Make Top-Rate Marketing Material

First and foremost, CGI has no viable competitors when it comes to facilitating marketing campaigns. It is simply the best way to advertise an architect’s set of skills and attract future investors and possible clients. Besides NDA projects, a professional is free to use the 3D visualizations of their work across all their social media, in all sorts of advertisement, as well as an opportunity to enrich their portfolio.

But the most unorthodox feature of 3D rendering in marketing is yet to be named! Now, architects don’t have to wait or even have a project on hand – they can show off their ideas for the upcoming designs in the most realistic way possible. Thus architects are free to create a number of marketing materials to suit one’s needs, even having some of the projects under construction or only digitally.

#2. CGI Presentations Make It Easy For Architects To Create a Shopping List For A Client

The obvious benefits of 3D rendering are not all there is to it. They do not end with advantages for professionals’ projects but extend very much directly to the clientele. For an instant, a 3D render is a ready-made shopping list that needs no second thoughts.

When contacting a CGI studio in terms of 3D visuals for an order, an architect has an opportunity to specify materials or details used in the projects. Even if a certain studio does not possess the requested assets, it creates a problem – an architect should simply provide needed references.

With such a system, clients do not hesitate to shop for required items and materials with ease and confidence, as a 3D render provides them with a full picture of the upcoming result. The absence of doubts goes hand in hand with time efficiency, as clients have no need to sift through all the options on the market. In fact, it helps out in the bigger picture as well – budget planning is as clear as it gets, and the construction is a smooth, uninterrupted process.

#3. Disaster Control Is At Its Peak With 3D Visualization

A path from a sketch to a complete project is full of errors and trials. It is never an easy task to spot inaccuracy or a mistake, so naturally, there are chances for it to make it to the final stage of a project unnoticed. For instance, simple socket misplacement can jeopardize safety regulations altogether. Later on, it becomes a sore spot for both the client and the architect. The latter often has to tackle the issue at the cost of their own money and additional working hours.

That is the moment when 3D renderings come in handy as never before. It is a hundred times easier to pinpoint a miscalculation or an error when you have photorealistic images of each and every corner of your project. It is a life savior for architecture experts as it enables them to troubleshoot the whole deal before the construction stage. It prevents them from pulling in extra costs and time.

#4. CGI Allows An Architect To Show Off Only The Ideal Versions Of The Designs

Most of the time, an architect creates a top-notch version of a design, and sadly, half the time, it does not live on in the same state till after the construction works are finished. Often, clients go for cheaper materials or insist on different conceptual decisions. In such cases, the specialist must oblige even though they don’t agree with the changes.

Despite the alternated project, the specialist doesn’t have to follow through and have that version on their portfolio. 3D artists can use the ideas of the original version with all the initial materials and objects. All an architect has to do is to provide references and initial drawings. 3D renderings will show only the chosen concepts after all.

#5. The Possibility To Present A Project Both Online And Offline

It is a common situation in our fast-changing hectic times that our schedules do not align. It might happen that all the people crucial to a project live in different time zones – hence different parts of the world. It is only rational to use remote communication to its fullest potential.

Of course, we could try to discuss and explain sketches and schemes over a simple call, but, in all fairness, very few clients find it possible to understand such materials even being in the same room with an architect.

Here, a 3D presentation comes to the rescue once again. There’s no need to search for a simple enough explanation – photorealistic pictures will explain everything away ten times faster by just showing concepts as they are.

As we can see, coming up with the top 5 benefits of CGI is extremely easy as there is, in fact, a lot longer list of them.

If you are in need of 3D visualization services, you are welcome to contact ArchiCGI. We will gladly demonstrate the benefits above on your own project.