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Craft a Unique Animal T-shirt Using Top Tricks and Templates

How To Make Unique Animal T-shirt Design: Top 3 Tips & 6 Animal Templates

Have you ever opened your wardrobe and had nothing to wear? This shirt you have been in hundreds of times, that shirt is boring, another one should have been in the laundry basket. This way you sort through the clothes and finally understand that you need to go to the shop and buy a new piece of clothing. But the thing is that in the store you are likely to find identical boring T-shirts with logos and the usual pictures. So what to do? Where to find a truly unique T-shirt? The answer is simple – craft it yourself. It might sound easier said than done, however, we will assure you that following our tricks the T-shirt-making process can be pleasurable and fun.


The thing you need to do first is to realize on which topic you want to craft a T-shirt. One of the first things that come to mind is animals. Almost everyone likes them and it isn’t a surprise as they are our most loyal friends. Maybe that is one of the main reasons why animal prints are popular this year.

But the main point is that thanks to our four-legged fellows’ pictures on the T-shirts we will attract people who share our love for animals and make new friends. It is cool, isn’t it?

If usual shop designs are only about being beautiful, animal-printed T-shirts delve deeper and show your self-identification.

Well, the only thing that can stop you from crafting your T-shirt is that it might be tiring and problematic. Actually, no! Just follow these tricks and get the best out of your printing experience.

Top 3 Tips That Will Ease Your Crafting Process

Choose a proper font and typography

If you want to make your print with unique text, pay attention to the next things:

– whether you have the right letter and line spacing;

– whether the words make a good match with other graphic elements.

If you are new to the design world, it is better to start with standard fonts as they almost always are likely to match well. It will also be a good idea to use contrasting styles on your template as it will add visual interest. However, if you aren’t confident yet about whether you are experienced enough, just accept help from professional template crafters on MasterBundles. There you will find a great deal of funny and modern prints that will identify your personality.

Pay attention to the image quality

One of the most frequent mistakes that green template makers have is that they choose beautiful but not quality images. And the thing is that on your computer screen, the image might seem to look perfect, however, after being transferred to the cloth the photo will lose its quality, and here it is – a creepy look.

The picture should be at least 200 dpi for printing. The problem is where to find them. Scrolling the web you might notice that almost all pictures are 72 dpi. And here the marketplaces come on stage. In such places, you can find T-shirt bundles on any topic that interests you. All of them have high quality and will make a perfect match with any type of cloth.

Pick the right colors

Talking about the tones used on the T-shirt, unfortunately, there is a limited color palette. That is because not all tones can be transferred on cloth and save their brightness. Under these circumstances, you might be wondering what proper animal print can be made on a T-shirt. Just follow this link and you will be amazed by the number of animal templates made in solid colors. There you can find the design that suits you best at an affordable price.

Show Your Love To Animals With These 6 Funny T-Shirt Templates

I Like Dogs More Than People Dog T-Shirt, T-Shirt Dog

Loyalty is one of the main things that we should learn from our four-legged fellows. The dog will judge neither your physical appearance nor the amount of money you have. This fact makes them better than humans. Do you want to show that not only is the dog loyal to you but you also love it to the moon and back? So wear this I Like Dogs More Than People Dog T-Shirt and let everyone know about it!

No Outfit Is Complete Without Cat Hair T-Shirt Design

Are you a cat lover? If so, you might know about the amount of their hair that is usually left on your clothes. While someone may complain about the constant item cleaning you can make a joke of it and even make the cat’s hair an integral outfit highlight. Just wear a T-shirt with a funny inscription that says no outfit is complete without cat hair.

8 Vintage Dog T-Shirt Design Bundle

Vintage clothes continue not only to be a fashion trend this year but also a necessary item for any stylish look. They gained popularity thanks to being easily matched with any type of trousers, shorts, or jeans. So what can be better than a vintage T-Shirt? Only a vintage T-shirt with dogs! In this design bundle, you will find printable pictures of most familiar dog breeds pictures. Just take a look at this file and find out whether there is a print with your four-legged friend!

T-Shirt Sorry I’m Late I Saw A Dog Design

Have you ever been late for an important meeting? You might remember a fast heartbeat and tremble before entering the room. Hundreds of thoughts bombard your head at one time and you are considering what excuse would sound more realistic. Thanks to the Sorry I’m Late I Saw A Dog T-shirt Design you don’t need to think about any explanation – everything is already written on your T-shirt!

It will surely be a funny moment that others remember and smile from ear to ear. Get rid of usual excuses and add a little bit of amusement in being late.

Dog Quotes SVG Bundle

Live, love, bark! What else do you need for happiness? If you are always eager to see new things around you and get easily tired of the same day-to-day items, pay attention to this Dog Quotes SVG Bundle. It contains 10 high-quality printable designs that can be used on your clothes. Take the advantage of this bundle’s variety and use different pictures on your favorite items.

Cat T-Shirt Design SVG File

Well-well all of us have ever been in a situation of talking behind someone’s back, haven’t we? Especially when we come home after a difficult workday and need to express everything we feel. But who can we tell it to? Oftentimes the cat is the best listener and psychologist. That’s why the next time you argue with someone, don’t forget to wear a T-shirt that says that your cat and you talk shit about others. Maybe thanks to such an inscription someone wouldn’t like to be your talking point next time.

Wrapping it up

Making your T-shirt might be not an easy task, however when you have access to high-quality pictures it becomes pleasurable and fun. Thanks to that the only thing that you need to do is to print the preferred design and transfer it to your cloth. Voilà! Now you have a unique T-shirt that will show your love for animals! Moreover, if every early morning you need to wake up and walk your dog, you can do it wearing your recently crafted T-shirt! Impress other animal lovers with your style and feel unique having it!