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Best WordPress Development Companies in the USA 2023

Having a business without a website is always a loose end that continues to leaking-out customers. To tie this loose end most businesses start with WordPress to have a website with a strong online presence. But here’s the problem, nowadays every business is acquiring a wordpress website and all of these websites look exactly the same. How do you hail as unique from this cliche crowd that’s the question.


Here come the WordPress development companies of the USA with industry-specific needs to help you with a proper wordpress website with your brand’s unique identity. The companies listed below have no ranking preferences and are mentioned merely due to their WordPress expertise.

IKONIC: Web Development Company in the US

Hailing from the east coast IKONIC is a web development company with veteran developers in their workforce. Though they have a vast team of talented WordPress developers, IKONIC also provides PHP, Laravel, JS, and other web technological services. Having experience in all of these technologies puts them one step ahead in finding solutions to all WordPress problems.

IKONIC WordPress Development Services:

With the experience of over a decade, they have learned the skill of making everything ‘WordPress’ possible. Among many, these are the starred services that the IKONIC WordPress Development department is proud of:

Custom WordPress Development

WordPress Theme Development

WordPress Plugin Development

WordPress API Integrations

WordPress Web Design

WordPress Migration

IKONIC Industry-Specific WordPress Solutions:

For a decade IKONIC has worked on various projects connected with many different industries. The industries listed here are the ones from which most customers returned to avail of similar solutions that their competitors availed. Here, let’s consider these industries as IKONIC’s niche.

So far IKONIC has developed WordPress solutions for:

  • Education Industry (LMS- Learning management system for CEU institutions)
  • Real Estate (CMS- Content Management System for the real-estate listing website of an agency)
  • eCommerce (using WooCommerce they automated an IT company website for products)
  • Warehouse (Inventory Management system for a logistics Company)
  • Hospitality (CRM for a motel to manage the operations)

Just like Design Inspiration IKONIC harvests its inspiration from customer personas of their client’s customer base. Proposing the tailored designs they ensure the maximum success rate of their clients.

Location: Miami, Florida

Employees: 100+

Founded in: 2015

Seahawk Media

This Massachusetts-headquartered wordpress development company has been in the industry since 2015. Their specialty is a custom design, PSD to WordPress/HTML, SEO, and social media. Our team is enthusiastic about both Marketing and WordPress, and we are eager to collaborate with additional brands on engaging projects.

Though they don’t provide 360-degree web development services using all of the web development technologies. But they are really skilled in wordpress development ensuring the client’s success is their primary focus.

Location: Boston, Massachusetts

Employees: >50

Founded in: 2015

WP Web Elite

Headquartered in India WP Web Elite targets the customer base of USA’s WordPress development customers. They have been working hard on their customer’s success since 2015. Mainly their focus has been providing solutions for their customer’s websites by developing the WordPress plugins.

Some of their famous plugins are:

Social Auto Poster

WooCommerce PDF Vouchers

WooCommerce Points & Rewards

Follow My Blog Post

Moreover, they have a good body of work for their eCommerce clients. Turning eCommerce problems into revenue-generating solutions have been their prime focus. Other than all of that they are also experts in digital marketing.

Location: Ahmedabad, India

Employees: >50

Founded in: 2015


Operating in different locations all over the USA they are headquartered in Binghamton. Freshy is a WordPress development agency that is laser-focused to provide WordPress solutions to their customers. One factor that differentiates Freshy from other websites is its industry experience. When it comes to industry specialization they wear a lot of hats.

Location: Binghamton, NY

Employees: >50

Founded in: 2011


Being one of the oldest ones in the WordPress development industry Zibtek hosts a veteran team of WordPress developers. This agency has done wonders for its clientele. More than WordPress web development Zibtek has graduated toward the custom software development niche providing the following services:

  • Staff Augmentation
  • Application Development
  • Enterprise Solutions
  • Custom ERP & CRM solutions
  • Web Development
  • Mobile App Development
  • E-Commerce
  • Design and UI/UX
  • Cloud Computing
  • Full Stack Development

Location: Draper, UT

Employees: 50+

Founded in: 2009