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Evolution of the Logo over the Years

When customers and clients think of your brand, there are millions of thoughts that cross their minds at once. Almost all of these thoughts are connected to the messages that your logo or brand gives them.


The most successful marketing campaigns are experts at using the appropriate blend of colors and language by using the ‘create my signature’ technique to showcase a variety of emotions, whether it is trust, fun, or power. A dynamic logo is one of the quickest ways to convey a certain message because your audience’s mind quickly digests it.

Your brand can be launched into success by a logo, or it might fail miserably and end up in a huge loss. When developing their marketing strategy, every company nowadays focuses on the need for a strong logo, but when did this all start to matter so much?

This article will sum up the history and evolution of logos. How it came to be, and when it started gaining popularity. Read this article to learn about it.

Evolution of Logos over the Years

Let’s start with the beginning where the logo trend has all started. Undoubtedly, it has revolutionized a lot.

The Beginning of Logos

The first examples of logos date back to Ancient Greece, when kings used to engrave their monograms on coins. This sort of identification via symbols can be traced back to Ancient Egypt.

Even though people have used a broad variety of symbols to decipher identification and social standing since the earliest days of organized society.

The Renaissance era in the 13th century is when the contemporary logo we are familiar with first appeared. This was when goldsmiths, stonemasons, and potters first carved and stamped logos as a mark of ownership on their creations.

First Logo

The Victorian era saw a massive rise in mass production, which increased interest in giving credit for skill and gave rise to exclusive logos. The first logo to be trademarked was in 1876 by a beverage company. It had a crimson triangle with the word the name of the company written underneath in sweeping cursive.

After the introduction of television, when mass communication encouraged businesses to adopt visual means of communication. This tradition of trademarking company logos persisted continuously, giving rise to the logos we now associate with marketing and branding tools.

It is clear that the practice of using a logo since ancient times is still used to convey messages about your brand. It doesn’t require language; a good contrast of colors with appealing additions can do it.

Logos as a Powerful Marketing Tool

One of the most effective and powerful marketing tools available to companies is their logo. It reflects the ideals and standards they support. Your logo serves as a signature today, just as it did in the times of Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece, and Industrial Britain. It is used to assert ownership and prevent forgeries and imitations.

An effective logo fosters brand loyalty and elevates the stature of individuals who wear, tote, or otherwise display it. Every time a company’s service is provided, its logo should be used to further reinforce this objective.

Modern Successful Logos

One of the most successful logos nowadays has modernized its logos according to the trends and audience. They have advanced their logo design. Some have changed their color contrast, while some of them have changed the font or even the entire logo.

But every logo still has the same motive. To convey the message of their brand to their target audience. It’s important to stick to your design or at least the colors of your logo. People will remember your brand through your logo. Many successful companies have stuck to their colors to be recognized by their audience easily.

As discussed earlier, logos significantly affect your company’s success. Many companies have fallen into a poor logo trap and faced a huge losses. It would ultimately affect their brand marketing.

Therefore, designing your logo according to the modern world is important. If you have an old logo, then revolutionize it and see how a modern logo can be a successful kick to your business.

Final Thoughts

Logos have covered a long journey to fit into this world and make its importance. But it’s all worth it because every company or organization focuses on its logo designs. Everyone needs it to promote their brand. It is the best way to make people remember your product or service.

An effective logo can make your brand. It becomes a status symbol and appeals to new clients and customers. Furthermore, you have to be a bit creative with your logos now. The market is flooded with logos. In order to stand out from your competitors, be creative with your logos.

We hope this article will provide you with all the relevant information about logos and their evolution over the years. Make sure to consider all this information before designing your logo to be different from the crowd.