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Getting Work Done: Work-Friendly Cafés for Graphic Designers

Graphic designers help companies build their brands by creating promotional and marketing materials. They skillfully combine design elements using computer software or by hand. If you are a graphic designer, you can do all this remotely, like in a café.


Why would a graphic designer work from a café, and what are the tips for working effectively from a café? What are the benefits and possible drawbacks of working from a café?

This article discusses why graphic designers choose to work from a café over the comforts of their homes. It also includes tips for working from a café and its benefits and drawbacks.

Some graphic designers prefer the atmosphere of a café to their own home. If you are one of them, you can use Area Guides to check for cafés near you.

Reasons Why a Graphic Designer Work From a Café

Some successful people did their finest work in coffee shops. The names of J.K Rowling, Bob Dylan, and Pablo Picasso are some of them, and though their profession varies, they did good work in a café.

A remote graphic designer mostly does the same job as a graphic designer who goes to offices, such as creating visual concepts, informing by communicating a message, and attracting customers.

The difference is that remote graphic designer works from home or a location they desire to work in, perhaps a café.

People tend to wear earphones when working in a public setting. Still, your creative thinking may benefit from the white noise in a public area.

White noise is a continuous sound that has no pattern, like the sound of utensils clacking or the chatter of people next to you in a coffee shop.

A study in 2019 observed that the right amount of noise benefits your senses and improves your decision-making. The effect is also called “the coffee shop effect.”

The “coffee shop effect” is where people working together in the same space, like a coffee shop, become collectively more productive and creative.

Your visual environment is also a factor in creativity. The noise, casual people, and variation in what you see can give you a good amount of distraction, helping you to focus and become more creative.

Subconsciously, you may be working on your computer screen and headphones with noise-canceling.

You may think you are working alone, but the things around you change. The people, the sunlight, and the smell of coffee and food make your brain work differently.

Meetings in a coffee shop to brainstorm ideas or build bonds with your officemates may also offer benefits.

Tips for Graphic Designers Working From a Café

One benefit of working remotely as a graphic designer is that you do not have to commute from home to the office. Skipping the trip from your house to the office saves you time and energy.

Choose a coffee shop near your house to maximize the benefit of not having to commute for hours and saving energy. You may take away the benefit if you commute for an hour to get to the café.

Once you find a coffee shop that fits your work as a graphic designer, you may notice that you are not the only one working there. So make sure to keep your voice to a medium level. Turn your phone to silent mode, and use earphones when listening to music or watching a video or seminar.

Look for a seat that you can get used to and feel comfortable in. You may want a sit that can cater to your laptop needs, such as a spacious table, charger outlet, and Wi-Fi access.

Like working from home or in an office, you can take breaks when working in a café as well. Get a cup of coffee or food, stretch from your seat, but don’t leave your things unattended.

Taking breaks may give you the productivity level that you need. Taking some time out lessens fatigue, increases motivation, and enhances creativity.

Just make sure to take breaks appropriately so you won’t lose your momentum.

You may also want to dress nicely. It may not necessarily be your corporate attire, but clothes that are comfortable enough to wear for hours and look presentable can help improve your mood.

There is also etiquette in a coffee shop that you would want to know, such as asking permission. While most cafés allow customers to stay longer, it is important to ask for permission if you plan to stay in the shop for hours.

Besides taking short breaks, like going to the bathroom or getting a coffee, avoid asking others to watch over your belongings when you’ll be gone longer. Just take your things with you.

When in doubt about a coffee shop’s do’s and don’ts, it would be best to ask a staff member.