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iGaming Companies That Were Rebranded in the Last Years

Rebranding is a necessity in business. It is a way of remarketing a company so it can target new audiences. A casino online or a game developer may decide to change its name so it can start a “fresh” persona or character. Today, you will see several iGaming companies that went through rebranding over the last several years. Many of these will surprise you, as we are sure that you must have played their games.


Betpoint Rebrands to PressEnter Group

Betpoint changed its name based on the idea that pressing “enter” on a keyboard means executing or approving. In addition, the company unveiled a new identity because it is expanding and has to cover all grounds.

The expansion will mark the company’s entry into other verticals and new markets. What used to be a sports betting company is now a fully-fledged casino operator. Today, the company has six casino assets. Apart from accumulating assets, the company has also expanded its workforce. The number of employees has quadrupled in just a year.

The aim of rebranding is to let people know that the company is not just a sports betting site anymore. It is a power player in the industry, and it has proven its worth to its consumers and rivals. The name change is also because of new management. The company has a new CEO, Lahcene Merzoug. According to the new boss, this year is the best time to do the rebranding to match its ambitions of becoming a dominant player in the industry.

Zecure Is Now Guts

Zecure Gaming, which is part of the Betsson Group, changed its name to GUTS. The rebrand involves not only the name but also the logo and the website. It is an overhaul, as its website has a totally new look. The rebranding happened after researchers of the company found out that there is a need to match the company’s core personality with consumer demographics.

It was detailed research that looked into brand attributes, tone, voice, look and feel, and many more. The research showed that GUTS is a better name. It has a strong sound, and it commands respect. The new name is in tune with the company’s vision of being an entertaining and honest iGaming operator.

With this new name comes new ideals and standards. Here are the main focus points of the company:

  • Keeping things simple;
  • Generating new unique selling propositions by improving gamification;
  • Keeping consistent and reliable service;
  • Improving products continuously.

Today, GUTS has new colours, new icons and new visuals that will certainly have an impact on its business performance. The GUTS property was originally launched in 2013. It was a property of Gaming Innovation Group or GiG. Later on, Betsson Group acquired GiG.

Scientific Games Rebrands Some of Its Businesses

Scientific Games, commonly known as SG by many, have grown significantly over the years. It has acquired many other companies, and now it is changing some of its subsidiaries’ names. These business units belong to the Gaming and iGaming business sector of SG. Moving forward, these sectors will do business as Light & Wonder.

The rebranding will not change the SG name. Scientific Games will retain this brand for its lottery operations. The rebranding also has no impact on its customers in more than 50 countries. The plan is for Light & Wonder to carve its own path in the iGaming industry, while Scientific Games will focus on a lottery.

The rebranding happened in 2021, and it involved SG selling its lottery business to Brookfield Business Partners. Because of this sale, Scientific Games will now be a stand-alone company focusing on lottery only. The CEO said that the lottery arm would be one step closer to becoming a single and coherent business unit, with a 100% focus on a global lottery.

Esports Technology Rebrands as Ebet

Esports Technology is now Ebet. The name change happened so the company can better reflect its main business trajectory, which is to create betting technologies not just in the eSports industry. The rebrand also comes with a change in logo and massive changes to the company’s website.

Sources from the company said that the Ebet brand would emphasize its focus on delivering services to new generations, including millennials and Generation Z. They will also focus on building technologies for eSports enthusiasts but will not limit themselves in this industry.

Moving forward, Ebet will also create technologies for the sports betting and casino industries. The rebrand did not happen overnight. It followed a series of business decisions and developments in the company. These changes and developments include filing a patent for a new betting system. The new betting technology allows players to bet not only on sports but also on the price fluctuations of financial investments. Some examples of these are stocks and commodities trading.