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TOP 5 Graphic Design Tools for Students


A good design piece will instantly capture the attention of the target audience. It makes it easier to communicate since the image will take the place of tens of words. Graphic design skills also help students to make better presentations when working on class projects.



If you need to complete a graphics design project, you can either hire a professional designer or work on it alone. Hiring is expensive and the creativity of the designer might not meet your expectations. Here is quick-to-learn software you can use as a graphics design student to work on the most complex projects.

Adobe illustrator

Adobe Illustrator is software that accommodates amateur and pro skills alike. It will help you to complete the best illustration projects, designs, photos, and videos. The features of Adobe Illustrator are easy to master and use in your design work. It can create simple products like logos, icons, and graphs for class presentations. Can I pay someone to write my paper instead of struggling with these graphics? Writing services online offer highly skilled writers who will deliver your paper in days. You do not have to learn extra skills to complete any of your papers.

Adobe Illustrators offers free basic features. If you need the advanced features, you have to pay a subscription. The resulting graphics can be shared across platforms, helping you to enrich your essay using professional graphics. Advanced mastery of Adobe Illustrator can turn you into an entrepreneur, helping other students to develop their graphics. You can also approach businesses to help them design posters and marketing merchandise. Adobe Illustrator is used by the most experienced graphics designers in the world to make eye-grabbing branding images.


InDesign is also developed by Adobe, guaranteeing the best features and a user-friendly experience. InDesign is a layout and publishing software that has been in existence for more than 20 years. Time has helped it to gradually adapt to the changing skill needs of ordinary computer users.

Adobe InDesign does not require any advanced skills to layout your images. It uses features similar to other common applications used on computers. It will help you to produce simple posters, flyers, brochures, and newsletters without having to hire a graphics designer.

Adobe InDesign is free for basic features. Its straightforward features make the software a darling of many. The software is compatible with iOS and Adobe operating systems. This allows you to design your graphics on any device you have on campus.


Canvas is a graphic design software for all internet users. It has very simple features that accommodate the technological capability of all imaginable students. The software provides advanced capability to enhance the quality of graphics you add to your academic papers.

Canva provides excellent ready-made templates where you only fill names and add images. It will guide you on such important aspects as the dimensions of your graphics. Consequently, it is easy to produce a professionally designed poster or tag with amateur skills.

Canva is popular because of its app version. It allows you to create excellent graphics on your phone and share them on different platforms. With outright features on the app, it is easy to produce the best graphics on the go.


CorelDraw is a professional graphic design software. It is used by corporations to serve global customers. It has some of the most advanced features that will allow you to manipulate your graphics in a million ways. It produces some of the most amazing graphic images in the market today.

Students who master CorelDraw features can turn into graphic design entrepreneurs. It is one of the ways to earn money while in college. You can continue working as a graphics designer even after graduation because it provides the best skills and professional designs.


LucidPress is an online platform that allows you to upload graphics like images and videos for manipulation. It is easy to use since it comes with automated templates. The resulting graphics are shared seamlessly across platforms.

Graphic design software help to enhance the quality of your presentations and academic materials submitted. Choose applications with advanced features yet are easy to learn to shorten your learning curve. Once you acquire the skills, you can become an IT entrepreneur by designing posters and other branding materials for businesses.