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The Importance Of Colour Theory In Branding & Design: A Guide By Experts

Colours are an excellent form of remembrance for anyone. This is why you will often find students colour code their notes based on the subject of importance,


Then why not use the same method when you are making strategies for our branding design?

This will not only help your viewers remember you, but with every colour, there is a certain kind of mood and aesthetic established. Thus, it will help you establish the purpose of your brand much more easily.

Moreover, colours, when used correctly, can be very soothing to the eyes, and who knows?

This could be one of the contributing factors to why viewers are sticking around your website to learn more while your competitors have an increased bounce rate. When we talk about quality, it is not just about the quality of content or the quality of information.

It is the overall high quality that your brand projects. This is what will allow you to make that excellent first impression.

Why Are Colours So Important?

Before deciding upon a colour scheme for your design branding, you must first understand the importance of colours in human psychology.

Colours play a very significant role in inducing a certain mood among individuals. Colours can make someone excited, and, at the same time, they can do the exact opposite by sending a sense of calm.

The only difference is the colours, and this is why choosing the colour for your brand design is not a matter of hours. It will take the proper time, preparation, and a wholesome discussion with your branding designers.

Therefore, choose your branding designers wisely. Ensure that they are well versed with the different colour schemes and the designs that come along.

At Percept, we not only listen to your ideas, but our talented team of designers will also give experienced advice which will take your branding to the next level.

Colours – A Unique Impression!

According to an expert blog post, 60% of internet browsers decide whether they want to spend time on a website or read a certain message based on the colour.

If you can gain the attention of your viewers through colours, you have mastered the ultimate weapon of branding design because a single colour can increase branding recognition by 80%.

This is one of the reasons why brand designers pay such intricate attention to colour theory. Now, let us understand why.

  • Brand Recognition: Can you tell us the colour scheme of ‘Oreo’. Yes, it is dark chocolate, white and blue. The logo, the packaging, and everything in between. To the point that whenever you chocolate with the colour blue, the first thing that will come to your mind is Oreo. This is the level of brand recognition that a simple colour scheme can bring to you.
  • Niche Authority: Let’s say you have a fashion website. Now, fashion is a vast niche, then how can colour make you pop? You have to create a unique identity based on a colour that is only exclusive to you. A good example would be Louis Vuitton’s red bottom shoes. All they did was paint their bottom soles red, and it became a unique brand identity. 
  • They Set The Tone: The reason why colours play an 80% role in design branding is because of their ability to project emotions. Yes, colours are able to project human emotions, which play a big role in moulding the psyche of an individual. Do you want someone to get excited about your brand? Use the colour red. This is why most food and beverage chains have red as their signature colour, for example; KFC and Cocacola.
  • Uniqueness: In modern marketing terms, uniqueness is definitely what helps to drive more customers. Gone are the days when you were the only person selling that product or the only person with a fully functioning website. Now, saying there are thousands would be an understatement. So, going for colour as the main theme of your design branding can be helpful to stand out.

How To Choose The Right Colour?

Now that you know the importance of design, you must be wondering. ‘How do I convey a unique colour to my brading designer?’

Here are a few ways you can choose the right colour for your design branding.

1. Know Your Audience

Understanding your audience is the first step of research. Some of the biggest branding design companies like Percept always stress the fact that ‘Colours Are For Customers.’ 

So, before everything else, try to understand the colour palette that your audience base would enjoy. Yes, there could be exceptions to the rules, but always remember that you are targeting the majority and not the exception.

The characteristics and the age group of your target audience could give you a much better idea of the colour palette.

2. Know Your Message

Your message is the product or the services that you are offering. This will decide the mood that you are trying to establish, and accordingly, you have to play with the different psychology of colours.

Therefore, you have to choose a parent colour that represents what you are trying to sell. Your product comes later; the emotion comes before. So, if you want your customers to trust you, go for ‘Blue’, and if you want your customers to be more positive about your product, choose ‘yellow.’

3. Have A Colour Scheme

Do not just have one colour because that idea was very yesterday. If you want your branding design to stand out, you will need a colour scheme.

A colour scheme is a particular colour palette that makes your brand name pops out. So, for example, rather than having just a singular colour used by other brand designers, you go for one colour and contrasting colour in the background.

Researchers say that it is much easier for people to establish a few colours for your brand, as it helps people to recognize you better. 

4. A Name For Your Colour

They are not just colours; they are the elements representing your brand. Therefore, giving a name to your colour will always give your design branding an upper hand.

This name does not have to be in big, bold letters on your website page, but something in the background but enough to make people recognize it.

For example, if you have colour schemes similar to brown, you can have terms like rugged and rusty in the messaging and tone.

5. Paint Everything

Yes, this is very important to establish the colour in the eyes of the customers.

You must paint everything with the colour palette. This means the colour is not limited to the website design. It is a shade that should match your packaging, your merchandise, and even your staff’s uniform.

Make An Impact!

Customers should know that if it is ‘xyz’ colour. That is how strong your colour design branding should be.

This is one of the reasons why you should pay extra attention to your colour palette. Understand what your customers want, even if it is just visually, and offer them that.