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The Ultimate Guide to Product Packaging Design


To ensure that your product catches the eye of your target audience, you need to invest in standout product packaging. However, designing good packaging is challenging, especially if you haven’t delved deeply into package design before. Designing pouch packaging takes skill and creativity, and if you feel that you don’t have the expertise to create a good design yourself, consider hiring a packaging company to do it for you.


Why Invest in Good Packaging?

You might be asking yourself, why should I invest in good packaging? Well, there are several reasons. Packaging keeps your products safe, tells consumers what is inside and communicates messages about what your brand stands for.

Good packaging protects your product

First and foremost, high-quality packaging protects your product. So whether you’re product is food, drink, medical products, supplements or cosmetics, a durable package will make sure that your product reaches the purchaser without getting damaged in transit. Nothing will make a customer lose trust in a business quite as quickly as products arriving damaged!

Good packaging provides customers with a positive experience

Additionally, good packaging provides your customers with a positive experience. Have you ever been put off a product because you hated its packaging? Consumers want packaging that feels high-quality and appeals to their senses. Some of the best packaging out there is creative and unique, such as the Co-Op’s outlandish but eye-catching alcohol range. However, simple designs work wonders, too. For example, Glossier’s cosmetics products fly off the shelves, partly due to their appealing but ever-so-simple packaging.

Product Packaging Design Best Practices


Sometimes simple really is better. In a competitive consumer environment, it might be tempting to design packaging that is really out there. Bright colours, garish fonts, and lots of graphics and images will capture people’s attention. But unfortunately, designing good product packaging isn’t as easy as that. In reality, packaging that is clear and simple is often highly effective in capturing consumer attention.


Consumers will spend a couple of seconds deciding whether they should pick up your product. In that time, your packaging needs to clearly tell them what the product is and why they need it. Failure to design clear packaging will simply put consumers off, as they don’t want to spend more than a few seconds trying to work out what the product is.


Vitally, your product packaging design should be highly practical. You need to find the balance between creativity and practicality, as aesthetically pleasing product packaging is of no use if it is difficult to open. The packaging should be user-friendly, so if it contains a liquid, make sure it’s resealable and contains a spout. Alternatively, if the package contains food, make sure the packaging is highly durable so it isn’t damaged in transit. Furthermore, the packaging should be easily stock-able, so make sure that it stands up on its own or it will be a nightmare to display on shelves. A good way to ensure that your product is practical is to fit the package to the product rather than the product to the package.


This might go without saying, but your product’s packaging should be honest. The product described on the packaging should be representative of what is on the inside. One of the fastest ways to irritate consumers is to raise their expectations on the packaging but provide a product that falls below expectations. When it comes to product packaging, honesty is the best policy.

Environmentally friendly

A growing number of consumers want their products to be transported in environmentally friendly packaging, and they’re willing to pay to ensure that the planet is protected. For example, one study found that 74 per cent of consumers are willing to pay more for products in sustainable packaging.

Bring Product Packaging to Life

If you don’t have the skills to create a good packaging design yourself, consider hiring a design agency to make one for you. Then, once the product packaging design is ready, you need to send your design to a packaging expert. Thankfully, there are several reputable packaging specialists available to help you bring your packaging to life.

A reliable product packaging company will provide a transparent process so you’re in the loop at all times. Furthermore, suppliers will offer a variety of packaging options, including food-grade pouches, corrugated boxes, paperboard boxes, rigid boxes, chipboard packaging, poly bags and foil-sealed bags. The best packaging type will depend entirely on the nature of your product. However, if you’re not sure which packaging type is suitable, don’t worry. Packaging specialists will help you choose the best packaging for your product.

The packaging doesn’t only protect your product; it also allows for easy distribution and conveys messages about your brand. As a result, you must create a compelling product packaging design that benefits your brand.