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Top Tips For Designing A Website In 2022 And Beyond

Welcome to TheDesignInspiration, let’s take a look at some tips for website design that can help you create a beautiful and effective website.


1. Keep it simple

The best websites are usually the simplest ones. Stick to a minimal design and include only the essential information and features. This will make your website easy to navigate and use, and help you avoid overwhelming your visitors with too much information.

Your website will have a clear goal in mind and leading your visitors to that goal should be your top priority, whether that be purchasing a bunch of flowers, or signing up for some free spins.

2. Make it easy to navigate

Users should be able to easily find their way around your website. Use clear and concise labels for your navigation menus, and make sure all the important pages are just a few clicks away. A search bar can also be useful for helping users find what they’re looking for on your website.

It is not only users that will benefit from a well-designed website. Search engines will also have an easier time crawling and indexing your website if it is easy to navigate. This can help you achieve better search engine rankings and get more traffic to your website.

3. Use visuals wisely

Images, videos, and other visual elements can help make your website more engaging and visually appealing but don’t be tempted to use too many of them. Keep in mind that some users may have slow internet connections, which can make website pages with lots of visuals take longer to load.

In 2022, page speed is essential for website success, as even a one-second delay can cause a 7% drop in conversions. Google has been much more strict about website speed from July 2018 onwards and if you open your Google Console, you’ll find all sorts of stats about your current website speed.

If you’re really serious about page speed , consider using AMP pages which are designed to load faster on mobile devices.

4. Use typography to your advantage

Your website’s typography says a lot about your brand, so choose fonts that are both easy to read and visually appealing. Stick to a limited number of fonts, and make sure they’re used consistently throughout your website.

Although it can be tempted to go wild and use lots of different fonts, resist the urge! Too many fonts can make your website look cluttered and can be difficult to read.

One of the best ways to select font styles that will work well with your website is to pair one serif font (a font with small lines at the end of each letter) with one sans-serif font (a font with no small lines). This contrast will help to create visual interest and make your website more readable.

5. Optimize for mobile

With more and more people using their smartphones and tablets to browse the web, it’s important to make sure your website is optimized for mobile devices. This means designing your website so that it can be easily viewed on smaller screens and ensuring that all the features on your website work and all website features work well on mobile browsers, and making sure your website loads quickly on mobile devices.

6. Be Careful with stock images

Only use stock images as a last resort. If you do use them, make sure they are high-quality and relevant to your website’s content and theme.

It’s always best to use original photos or images that you have taken yourself. This will help your website stand out and give visitors a better impression of your brand.

Rather than blindly copying a stock image, you could (assuming you’ve purchased the correct license), as your designer to edit it to better suit your website. For example, they could change the color scheme to match your brand, or add text or logos to make the image more bespoke.

So there you have it we hope you’ve found our tips useful. Website design can be a tricky business, but with a little effort, you can create a website that is both beautiful and effective.

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