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3 Reasons Why You Should Buy a Lab Grown Diamond

Are you in the market for wedding rings? If you’re interested in buying diamond wedding rings for you and your spouse-to-be, you can get natural diamonds or lab grown diamonds.


While natural diamonds are still more commonly selected by consumers, more people are starting to appreciate the benefits of diamonds manufactured in specially-equipped laboratories. Among other things, lab grown diamonds can rank higher in terms of aesthetic properties.

Consider these three reasons why it makes sense to get lab grown diamonds over mined diamonds.

1. They Score Well on the 4Cs

Diamonds are graded based on how they fare on the 4Cs. The 4Cs refer to color, clarity, cut, and carat. While it’s possible to find natural diamonds that look perfect to the human eye, looking more closely with a microscope will reveal many imperfections.

Consider that natural diamonds are created deep under the earth when carbon deposits are subject to intense pressure and heat. But because the process is done underground out in nature, the diamonds that are formed are subject to impurities that can lower the value of the diamond.

Not so with lab grown diamonds. Lab grown diamonds are created in high-tech laboratories that mimic how diamonds are traditionally created in nature — but without being subject to impurities that detract from overall value.. There is more control over the process of creating lab grown diamonds. So, it’s easier to find lab grown diamonds that rank high when looking at the 4Cs.

2. Get More for Less

Inflation means you’re paying more for goods and services. The money in your pocket or bank account simply isn’t stretching as far as it has in the past. So, if you can get more for less without jeopardizing quality, it’s worth considering it.

When you buy a lab grown diamond ring, you can save a lot compared to buying a natural diamond ring. One source notes that you can save between 40% and 50%. The savings can add up. While some higher-ups in the natural diamond industry would have you believe that a natural diamond is superior to a lab grown diamond, that’s not the case.

Natural diamonds and lab grown diamonds are the same anatomically and chemically. The difference is in how they’re created. That’s it. Don’t get fooled by anyone who tells you that lab grown diamonds simply look like natural diamonds.

Why should you have to pay more for a natural diamond when you can get a lab grown diamond that is just as breathtakingly beautiful for a lot less money? If you need to get wedding rings ahead of your wedding day, lab grown diamonds are a great option.

3. They Have Lower Carbon Footprint

Another reason to consider lab grown diamonds over natural diamonds is the lower carbon footprint. When mining companies construct mines to extract diamonds from the earth, there is usually damage to ecosystems, deforestation, and pollution.

The process to create lab grown diamonds has a lesser impact on the environment. Everything is done in laboratories. So, if you can get what you want as a consumer while having a lower carbon footprint, then it makes sense to explore doing so.

Consider these three reasons for why lab grown diamonds are a better choice than natural diamonds. You can get the diamond jewelry you want at a lower cost and with a lower carbon footprint. And when you consider you won’t have to compromise on aesthetic beauty, it’s hard to deny the value proposition of lab grown diamonds. Whatever you decide to do, educate yourself on the pros and cons of lab grown over natural so that you can make an informed decision.