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7 Reasons Why You Should Buy a Roof Top Tent


Roof top tents have not been around for long, but they have advantages over conventional ground tents. Over the last few years, rooftop tents have become popular as people travel more and more. You can install tents on the rooftop of your SUV or automobile. There are many advantages of choosing a rooftop tent for your camping.


Here are seven reasons you should consider a rooftop tent for your next camping trip.

1. They are easy to set up

brown SUV parking with tent on top

Regular ground tents take a while to set up as they often have inner and outer tents. With a roof top tent, you don’t go through this trouble. You won’t have to worry about tent stakes, ropes, or any other setup needed for most tents. Setting up the rooftop tent once you reach your destination takes only a few minutes. Some tents are even faster to deploy than others, requiring only a couple of clamps.

The level surface of an SUV gives you an easy ground to set up. This also means the tent is easy to fold. You can easily fold for easy storage when not in use. Everything folds into the container, making it ready to set up again the next night or the next time you head out camping. They usually have a lightweight construction with minimal dimensions for easy transportation.

2. Elevated camping to keep pests out

One advantage of a rooftop is the elevation you get, unlike camping on the ground. Roof top tents offer safety from the miniature game, snakes, scorpions, and other ground-dwelling insects. It gets off the ground, so you won’t have to worry about animals visiting you at night.

The rooftop tents prevent ground-dwelling critters and small game from entering your tent at night. You also won’t have to worry about people tripping over a fly line or kicking out a tent when walking around in the dark.

The elevated camping provides a consistently sleeping surface that’s more comfortable. With a rooftop tent, you sleep at an elevated height and don’t have to deal with flooding.

3. The rooftop tents are more comfortable

white and black truck on green grass field during daytime

The comfort in a rooftop tent is second to none. It has a thick canvas material and hard fiberglass shells that make them warmer than regular tents. Heat doesn’t easily escape at night, and you have a flat surface to sleep on.

These tents have the most comfortable sleeping arrangements as they also come with in-built mattresses that will save you the hassle of carrying one. The high-density mattresses commonly found in rooftop tents are comfortable and will be fine for a few days. Your whole body is covered with soft fabric for enhanced relaxation.

The roof top tent also comes with mesh windows that allow currents through during hot summer nights. Apart from windows, these tents also have built-in fans, LED lighting, and solar panels. This means you’ll have better air circulation since the air comes under the tent and through it.

4. It has more room for your gear

Roof top tents allow you to keep your bedding stored inside the tent when stored. This means you can keep pillows, blankets, and sheets inside the tent ready to use. You also get extra vehicle storage space for your belongings because you can put your things in the rooftop tent when it’s closed.

The rooftop tent has enough room for a picnic table or umbrella to enhance your camping experience. You need this extra space when carrying a lot of stuff. With the rooftop tents, you get extra storage space for your belongings

Most rooftop tents allow you to keep your bedding inside the tent when closed. You can store all the bedding inside the tent without taking them out after every use. This can be valuable for large families with limited space in the car.

5. Easy to keep clean

Roof top tent is easier to clean than regular tents. They are better at staying clean and dry as they stay off the ground. If you’ve ever camped in a ground tent, you know how quickly the tent can get dirty the second you lay it down. It is even worse when it rains, and the ground becomes muddy.

You won’t have to worry about these issues with a rooftop tent. You will not be lying in a pool of water even if it rains, as it is floodproof. There is a waterproof shoe bag to place your shoes just outside the entrance. If you’re going anywhere with unpredictable weather, it’s the best choice.

Camping on the beach can be a menace with a regular tent when sand gets in. Having the rooftop tent off the ground means you don’t have to worry about sand getting into the tent. You also eliminate animal droppings or anything else making a mess of it. You won’t need a ground sheet to set up the rooftop tent.

Rooftop tents are water resistant, which plays a role in keeping them clean. Since cleaning the rooftop tent is easy, you have more camping places without worrying about constant cleaning. Even when the tent gets wet, you can easily open it and let it dry.

6. Better view

Waking up in a rooftop tent affords you a beautiful elevated view of your camp’s sunrise, lake, ocean, and mountain range. The elevation gives a unique view of your campground surroundings than when you are down in a tent. You will get 360-degree views with rooftop tents with doors and windows, making the scenery more beautiful.

A rooftop tent can give you a better view in crowded spots with many other tents. It also gives you the flexibility to pick a spot to camp without worrying about the spot. As a result, rooftop tents and also great when traveling to remote locations, tailgating, or on boating excursions. They come with a telescopic ladder that you can use to get to the SUV.

7. Strong and more durable

The rooftop tents are popular because they offer more strength. Most are made with polyester and aluminum material, including strong polymers that make them extra durable.

You won’t have to worry about the tent blowing away on windy days. They are made of waterproof canvas and highly durable plastic covers. The rooftop tent will be more secure than the traditional ground tent.

These tents are waterproof and offer 100% protection from weather elements. They come with additional rain covers for stormy nights on winter trips.

Bottom line

Rooftop tents are perfect for family vacations. They provide ultimate comfort, ease, and convenience, making traveling to the most secluded camping locations much more convenient. There are many reasons rooftop tents are popular among individuals on camping grounds. The most crucial factor is that rooftop tents mount to almost any vehicle without crossbars. Make sure you choose a high-quality rooftop tent from reliable manufacturers.