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Why You Should use LED Vapor Proof Lighting for Both Indoor and Outdoor Spaces?


A safe working environment plays a vital role in the success of any business venture. One of the overlooked ways when creating a proper working environment in both indoor and outdoor settings is lighting. With good lighting, consumers have a sense of security even when shopping during the wee hours of the night.


Well-lit rooms prevent minor accidents such as tripping and facilitate productivity in your business setting. Besides its practical use of promoting visibility, good lighting plays an esthetic role when it comes to the ambiance of your space. Today, most entrepreneurs opt for vapor proof LED fixture lighting systems due to their broad benefits, including design flexibility.

What is LED tight vapor lighting?

Vapor tight lighting or wet location fixtures are powerful, weather-proof lighting used in indoor and outdoor environments prone to dust, water and humidity. These light fixtures are housed or contained in impact-resistant diffusers and reinforced fiberglass that resists warping and is rust-free, making them effective in busy spaces such as shopping centers.

These light fixtures are usually mounted or installed in spaces such as the ceiling and walls, which are prone to the effects of moisture and dust. Although LED vapor-proof lighting fixtures are commonly used in commercial businesses, one may also benefit from this lighting as an individual consumer.

Here is why vapor-proof lighting fixtures have the upper hand compared to traditional lighting.

Benefits of vapor proof lighting fixtures

1. Low maintenance

Light-emitting diodes are effective in cold environments compared to fluorescent bulbs, whose quality may deteriorate in similar weather conditions. Less replacement is required as the functional life or lifespan of vapor-proof lighting fixtures is extended compared to traditional lighting.

This type of lighting fixture can withstand frequent switching (on and off), which may not be possible with fluorescent bulbs. The rust-free and high-impact materials used to house the lighting prevent possible damage due to trauma or accidents. All these factors put together reduce the maintenance cost for a business owner when it comes to lighting.

2. Quality performance

LED vapor tight fixtures have a multi-point design that facilitates even distribution of light and promotes easy visibility like fluorescent bulbs, which emit light in one way. This type of lighting is available in different color temperatures and therefore offers an array of options for the level of brightness.

This quality of LED vapor-proof fixtures makes them efficient in manufacturing and processing industries where extra lighting is required for efficacy. Proper lighting in spaces like shopping centers facilitates clear footage from the CCTV cameras, promoting security. Most advertising agencies also use this type of lighting for digital signage, ensuring proper branding and easy visibility of a client’s product.

3. Energy efficient

Luminous efficacy is the determining factor when deriving the difference in energy efficiency in various lighting fixtures. LEDs vapor tight fixtures typically consume less energy than other lighting technologies, including high-pressure sodium lights, compact fluorescent lights and high-intensity discharge lights.

LED vapor lighting fixtures consume up to 60% less energy than that used by fluorescent bulbs. People with residential buildings or those venturing in real estate can save thousands of dollars every year using LED vapor-tight lighting fixtures.

4. Effective in different settings

One of the key benefits of LED vapor tight lighting fixtures is that they can be used in various spaces, including parking lots, industrial refrigeration, manufacturing and processing facilities.

Its design flexibility means that LED vapor-proof lighting fixtures can light up small spaces such as a room or large areas, including production facilities in a factory. This type of lighting is also effective in cold rooms used for storage as its performance exceeds that of other lighting technologies.

The benefits of LED vapor lighting are vast, making this lighting a top choice for anyone keen on achieving cost savings in the long term. Its several properties, such as energy-efficient, low maintenance cost, and high performance, make it ideal for commercial use.

Replacing other lighting technologies with LED vapor-proof lighting fixtures will ease your financial burden regarding electrical bills. With many vendors for lighting today, it is best to work with professionals, including Phoenix Lighting, for quality LED vapor-proof lighting fixtures.