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Empowering Change Through Online Human Trafficking Classes 

Human populations are increasingly vulnerable to human rights violations, especially if they are considered ignorant and naïve of their rights and abuses. One of the leading human rights abuses and violations in human trafficking is in the form of sex, labor, and other trafficking agendas.  


Moreover, for traffickers, everyone is a target, especially children and teens, who are easy to lure and trap with empty promises. As they sign up, they may not know what is waiting for them, and most are likely to leave in inhuman conditions, die or suffer from severe injuries.  

Due to these concerns, certain institutions are taking the initiative to launch awareness courses in the form of online human trafficking courses. These courses are intended to create awareness, teach people about human trafficking and keep them safe.  

The greatest goal is empowering vulnerable populations and protection agencies to deal with this rising global disaster.  

Global Human Trafficking  

According to the UNODC January 2023 statistics, over 40 million people are trafficked globally, and a quarter of that population is underage. The under-age population includes individuals below the age of 18. One of the main reasons for such increased statistics is the rising and booming sex trafficking industry for underage populations, especially girls from Asia and Africa.  

Currently, the rates of human trafficking are rising due to the decline in military and human protection intelligence. In 2022, there was a 27% decline in human trafficking cases and those arrested and charged for human trafficking.  

Another factor for the rise is using different methods to traffic people. Some of the latest strategies include job offers which tend to lure more people, especially the male population from Asia and Africa. The other factor is promises of better living conditions in other countries, such as people being allured to better living standards in Europe.  

Lately, the best strategy used by traffickers is technology, especially social media. This strategy is known for luring girls with online offers such as jobs, better opportunities, and lies for lifestyle changeovers. Of the 40 million people trafficked annually, 90% of this population is females, with males forming the lead population.  

Females make up the highest population due to the increasing sex trafficking ventures, their gullibility, and their lack of defense.  

From these statistics, it is notable that human trafficking is a global problem affecting people directly hence the need for prevention. One of the ideal measures for countries to deal with the rising human trafficking cases is to create awareness about the cases. This makes human trafficking classes online a perfect tool for awareness creation.  

These classes are suitable, especially with the rise of mobile and tech device uptake and usage. Online human trafficking classes such as Soar online programs focus on key areas such as prevention, detection, luring techniques, and other issues. 

Online programs such as Soar trains people in different areas to ensure people can deal with the problem of global human trafficking.  

Focus on Agencies 

Courses are ideal for anti-human trafficking agencies such as non-profits, non-governmental, homeland security, and other welfare organizations, including the government. For such agencies, the goal is to learn about the strategies used by human traffickers to target individuals and lure them into the traps of traffickers.   

For such classes, the police and agency workers are trained on how to intercept human traffickers and how to charge and prosecute them in courts. Lawyers are trained on issues such as laws and regulations on human rights.  

The same course can also be issued to police and other protection agencies. These agencies can benefit from courses such as child trafficking classes, human trafficking certification, sex trafficking prevention, and labor trafficking courses.  

  1. Courses for Individuals

The greatest target of online human trafficking courses is the individuals who are mainly targeted. Children, teens, and even adults are vulnerable to human trafficking due to the increase in luring strategies used by traffickers. Amongst this population, young girls are a major target hence the main goal of online classes is to teach them safety strategies.  

The safety and protection classes and strategies focus on key areas, such as identifying the misuse of social media to attract girls. They teach how to identify false social media posts and adverts to lure young girls and boys into traps.  

Online platforms are an ideal strategy for teaching the course since the targeted population is online, with over 60% of the global teen population accessing smartphones.  

A further focus is on reporting and safety strategies. Courses teach responding tips to such posts, threats, and luring strategies. Teens are also taught how to cooperate with relevant agencies and authorities to help them seek help.  

Individual courses include sex trafficking prevention training, anti-trafficking courses, and human trafficking awareness training. Notably, you can take more courses to help create awareness and safety strategies.  

These programs suit all genders; however, those vulnerable to sex trafficking, such as ladies, can focus on specific sex trafficking courses. For men and older women, labor trafficking courses can help them understand their vulnerabilities.  

Why Consider the Classes 

Taking classes in your free time is the best experience you can enjoy as a student. You do not have any fixed schedule; all you have to do is complete the course milestones and assessments and attend the required course.  

Afterward, you get a certificate for the classes based on your performance. With this certificate, you can quickly get a job amongst agencies involved in ending and dealing with human trafficking. Unlike others, you will have additional skills and experience due to the online courses undertaken.  

The most significant benefits of online human trafficking classes are that the costs are always low. At lower prices, you get high value, unique skills, knowledge, and awareness at lower costs. You can learn from your mobile, laptop, and any other digital devices and are assisted by certified instructors who provide accurate and updated course content. 


The war against human trafficking is a continual process furthered and supported by awareness creation tools, mainly online human trafficking classes. These classes target girls, boys, and children, the main target of human traffickers. Attending these classes creates awareness, impact skills, and experience necessary for individuals and agencies to fight human trafficking.