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Engineered Wood Flooring: Why Should You Install It In Your Home

Engineering wood flooring has different ranges of quality that vary in price. It may not be very clear for you to decide the kind of specification that is right for you. Here is a guide for you to understand all about engineered wood flooring and why you should install it in your home. This will help you decide which engineered wood flooring specification is right for you.


How Do You Define Engineered Wood Flooring?

Multiple layers of laminated hardwood are arranged in a tight structure that is cross-layered. This layer is also known as plywood. The cross-layered base is covered with a thick hardwood layer, called the wear layer. Wear layers can be treated with oils, color treatments and varnishes to achieve a beautiful finish. You can get a diverse range of walnut or oak engineered boards in different specifications, which might suit your budget and taste.

Engineered Flooring Vs Laminate?

Real wood is a classic, timeless beauty. Laminated images can hardly recreate the subtle finish of the wood. Real wood floors have genuine grain and texture that adds elegance to modern and traditional decor. Engineered wood is not only wonderful in its appearance; it has the incredible advantage of being able to be finished. Real wood boards, which have a thick wear layer, can be sanded multiple times for refinishing with color treatments and waxes.

Add Value to your Property

Engineered wood flooring would help you add value to your property for a very long time. It is durable, resilient and elegant. Properties that install engineered wood flooring have a significantly greater value on the housing market than properties with tile, laminate or carpet.

The long life span, elegant charm, and option to refinish easily attract potential buyers. These are also easier to maintain and clean than carpet or laminate.

Stain Resistant and Easy To Maintain

From muddy footprints to spilled wine and juices, stains on the floor are a common occurrence in most homes. However, dealing with such stains is not easy, especially on a carpeted floor. However, there is no such issue with engineered wood floors as you can clean the spillages and stain quickly with a brush, mop or vacuum cleaner. You don’t need to invest in chemicals or expensive treatments. If you have pets, animal hair can be a hassle. However, you can clean your engineered wood floor easily. It is best to use protective treatments for the engineered wood and enhance its natural resistance to wear. The treatment will also add another stain-resistant, slip-resistant, waterproof coating to the floor and enhance its durability.

Cost-Effective And Long Lasting

Some engineered wood can last for over 100 years if taken care of properly. However, it depends on the type and thickness of the wood you choose. In comparison, most laminates guarantee ten years and the average carpet also lasts for 8-10 years. Therefore engineered real wood is an incredibly durable long term flooring solution for your property. You might never need to replace it.

Gets Installed Easily

The engineered wood boards come with simple grooves that make for easy installation over the existing sub-floor. You can easily install underfloor heating systems under the engineered wood boards, and large parts of your home can be heated efficiently.

Suits Varied Climates

Engineered wood flooring suits in areas susceptible to humidity and dampness. It has a dense, cross-layered core and a waterproof wear layer, an effective barrier against moisture. Therefore, you won’t have any issue with high humidity in your area, unlike carpets which might get humid, damp and attract different allergens.

Elegant Beauty

Engineered wood flooring creates an impressionable home. Whether you want a grand country style house or a contemporary home, it would bring a unique character to your space. It complements well with all decor styles and adds warmth and charm to a space. You can use all sorts of design elements without worry as the floors would go with all. Should you need to change the color, you only have to sand the wear layer.

In The End

Whether you want a long term flooring solution for a commercial property that attracts a heavy crowd or your cozy and beautiful home, invest in engineered wood flooring to guarantee long-lasting, elegant durability. Contact your reliable flooring solutions today for moisture resisting, long-lasting, engineered wood with a quality finish and a solid wooden floor design. If you are planning to buy engineered wood flooring online, always contact the seller for free samples that will help you select the correct flooring for your home.