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Get Ready For Adventure With These Monthly Tactical Subscription Boxes



The holidays are around, and it is time to start thinking about your next adventure. Winter is the best time for skiing, snowboarding, and other winter sports. But that does not mean you should not prepare for your next big camping trip or hike. You can even visit tropical destinations during the winter. These regions experience little to no changes in weather, making them ideal for an escape from the cold.



Spring and summer are perfect for fishing, hiking, and camping trips. Getting your gear ready, stocking up on supplies, and planning your route will make your adventure successful. But what if there was a way to make your preparation even easier? That is where monthly or seasonal subscription boxes become essential. They eliminate the hassle of lining up at local stores, spending too much on branded gear, or forgetting an item.


Many subscription boxes are available, each with a unique focus. For example, some offer camping gear, while others are perfect for hiking snacks, fishing lures, or new workout clothes. You can customize some of these boxes to get what you need for your next adventure.


Here are the top tactical subscription boxes to include in your list for perfect adventures. You can pick one or more depending on your needs and the type of activities you enjoy.

1. Crate Club


This badass outdoor tactical and survival subscription box targets those who are ready for anything. Crate Club brings you high-quality and durable gear that can help you in any situation. Your monthly tactical subscription boxes come in various subscription options, like monthly, quarterly, and annually.


You can pick from any of the four subscription levels. Your choice determines the billing cycle. The Lieutenant, Captain, and Major options are monthly subscriptions, whereas General comes with quarterly and annual subscriptions. What is better, the yearly subscription gives you a $200 discount and free shipping for all your tactical and survival gear.


Coming from professionals and survival experts, Crate Club is a must-have for anyone interested in preparedness. You can pick your monthly package according to your needs. Research your activity or situation to determine what is best for you. Prices begin from $49.99 each month.

2. Battlbox


Every adventure lover will love Battlbox. This monthly subscription box brings you outdoor gear and materials you will need for camping, hiking, and other activities. The company carefully curates the boxes, so you can be sure you are getting high-quality items.



This company presents four subscription levels to choose from according to your needs. The Basic package is ideal for starters who want to get their hands on some quality outdoor gear. The Advanced option is perfect for those who need more advanced and professional tools. There are also Pro and Pro Plus, which deliver the best industry-grade products for more experienced adventurers.


Battlbox is one of the most popular subscription boxes for adventure seekers. It has something for everyone. Whether you prefer month-to-month billing or want to save with an annual subscription, this company has you covered. You can also gift your friend a package to enjoy the outdoors together.

3. The Nomadik


This monthly outdoor subscription box brings you unique, valuable, and exclusive gear and gadgets for your next adventure. The Nomadik is a great way to stock up on items without spending too much or hoarding things you do not need.


Each month, you receive an adventure activity guide with the gear to inspire your next adventure trip. You also get tips, survival skills, and hacks to make your outdoors exclusive and fun. Save big with this box containing items worth 200%+ of the subscription cost.


With the Nomadik, you can choose from three subscription levels, each with a different focus. Prices depend on your choice, but they are $54 and $64 per month. Additionally, you will get a free box for subscribing for the first time. That is a $54 value to complement your first purchase and get you started on the right foot.

4. Hiker Crate


Are you into hiking and backpacking? Then, consider this monthly subscription service that caters to those who love spending time in the great outdoors. It brings you food and snacks, hiking gear, and accessories. Everything in this subscription ensures you get the best hiking experience.


Your next hike will have no negative experiences. Skincare products will save you from the scorching sun. You will also receive water filters to ensure you always have access to clean water for drinking on the trails. The gear you will receive includes solar chargers, headlamps, water bottles, and more. They will make you more confident when hiking and backpacking.


Hiker Crate has only one subscription level. Each month you will have one box. But you can choose to prepay for three, six, or twelve. Prepayment gives you better deals as the prices become lower. It ensures you do not have to worry about renewals. The monthly cost is $43, but it can go down to as low as $38.

5. Apocabox


Are you planning unique adventures every other month? Apocabox brings you exclusive top-notch survival gear to match your next adventure. The once-in-two-month packages vary in their contents, allowing you to try various activities with distinct experience levels and intensities.


The Apocabox is a mystery box because the contents are always a surprise. However, you can be sure that each contains high-quality items. The team behind the Apocabox carefully curates each package. They also test all the gear before sending it to subscribers.


The gifting feature makes this subscription ideal. If you have a friend or family member who loves adventure, you can get them a box and let them join in on your fun. It is like having a small survival Christmas every other month. Also, you can return your package if unsatisfied for a refund.

In Summary


Adventure and survival go hand in hand. You never know what will happen when you are out in the wild. Preparation for anything will be crucial to have a great time. These monthly tactical subscription boxes will help you do that. They pack gear and gadgets to make your outdoors exceptional. You also receive food or accessories according to your activity. Grab one of these for your next adventure.