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Planning a new trip? European autumn destinations to consider

Autumn is a great period to catch a quick break, especially in Europe when tourist crowds get less overwhelming. Many people prefer this time of the year over summer because they don’t like the hot temperatures and wish to do more exploring.


If you like to avoid the summer crowds and explore places instead of tanning in the sun, autumn might be a good time to visit Europe. However, even though autumn isn’t the busiest tourist season, you must prepare for your trip.

Steps to prepare for an autumn trip

Make sure to learn about the places you’re visiting, bring all the clothes and gadgets you need, stay safe when using public transportation, etc. Here is a quick list you can use for reference:

  • Sweaters and coats are your best friends. Remember to pack enough warm clothes to ensure that you can feel comfortable. After all, autumn is the season for catching a cold or feeling under the weather in other ways. You can also consider waterproof windbreakers that should keep you protected from the autumn rains.
  • Get travel insurance. Speaking of feeling sick, double-check whether your travel insurance offers medical coverage. If you catch a cold, you need options for getting the necessary treatment.
  • Pack light and have secure bags. Autumn is the best for traveling since you will probably walk a lot. Thus, have proper accessories to help you sightsee without getting tired.
  • Protect your data on free Wi-Fi at public locations. What can be better than a hot coffee when it is chilly outside? So, you might stop at a local coffee place, open your laptop, and take a break from all the walking. However, do not forget to activate a VPN for Windows laptops before connecting them to unknown networks. You can never be sure whether they offer secure connections. Thus, take matters into your own hands and enable Virtual Private Network apps on laptops or other devices you use at public locations.

Here are some of the best destinations in Europe you should visit. Furthermore, consider getting a reliable GPS navigators that would help you find the best routes in Europe.


Munich is one of the largest cities in Germany and is known for one of the best beer festivals worldwide – Oktoberfest. Yes, it happens in October, and apart from the festival, Munich has a lot to offer.

You can taste all kinds of beer, enjoy events, sing songs, ride on roller coasters, walk around parks, and much more. Check out the Neuschwanstein castle and several other old fortresses near and around the city.

There are all kinds of historic buildings around Munich, large Christmas shopping markets, and warm festive events. It’s a great place for solo travelers and family travelers alike.


Serbia is a stunning European destination with plenty of hidden gems. The capital of Serbia, Belgrade, is located on the Balkan Peninsula on a large hill surrounded by a vast fortress. The city has a lively nightlife, clubs, coffee houses, cinemas, and much more.

It’s a rich city with a lot going on at every corner. There are many museums and galleries across Belgrade – the Belgrade Museum of Contemporary Art should be your first stop, especially since it’s been taken over by Marina Abramovic, the famous Serbian performance artist.

Check out the Belgrade Fortress and see the panoramic view of Kalemegdan Park, looking across the Danube and Sava rivers. The days are quite warm in Belgrade during autumn.


Prague is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe in October. All the leaves decorate the city, and the castles and old buildings have some of the best views. The old town glows from the light and yellow leaves combined with astonishing architecture.

It’s a perfect place to go sightseeing while grabbing some hot chocolate, pastry dishes, or beer. Prague is known for its iconic churches, cathedrals, museums, bridges, and architecture. However, it’s also a great city to simply go around town and visit party spots.

Keep in mind that Prague has legalized marijuana, and that’s why many people visit this place. If you’re visiting in October, check out the Autumn International Music Festival.


The capital of Portugal has a mild and warm Mediterranean climate meaning that autumn is the perfect time to visit. Yes, it might rain from time to time, but the rain isn’t usually that long and won’t make it difficult for you to get around the city.

Portugal is relatively affordable, including accommodation, food, and travel, and Lisbon is its historical center with fantastic food, amazing architecture, and great people. It’s a place of history with many turbulent events, restrictions, invasions, rebuilds, etc.


Even though Copenhagen can get a bit cold and wet during autumn, it’s one of the best cities to visit. You have probably seen many photos online of perfectly orange parks, trees, and nature. Well, chances are many of those photos were captured in the capital of Denmark.

If you’re dropping by during Halloween, go to the Tivoli Gardens and see just how strong the spirit of Halloween is there. The Open Air Museum is a must, even though it’s a bit outside the city.

Check out the Natural History Museum of Denmark to see some fascinating plants. There’s also a nice park nearby you can visit.


Dublin is Ireland’s capital, with a big reputation for being one of the most charming cities in Europe during autumn. The city has a complex history full of turmoil with wars, uprises, famines, Viking periods, etc.

All of that can be seen in the city’s architecture, as there are many ancient churches, old buildings, castles, and cobblestones around the city. The country is beautiful in autumn, with vivid colors, blue skies, and great sunlight. You should visit Phoenix Park, the Grand Canal, the Guinness Storehouse Factory, The Spire of Dublin, etc.


Keep in mind that we’re only scratching the surface here, and there is more these cities have to offer. Do your research before booking your trip to make the most of every moment in these beautiful cities.