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How do You Approach an Injury Attorney for a Car Accident Case?


Individuals injured in a car accident may wonder if they need an attorney for their case. What does the attorney do the victim can’t? How can they be of help?


Duties of a Car Accident Attorney

The first question many people have involves the duties of the attorney. Although tasks taken on by the attorney vary by the specifics of the case and its complexity, most attorneys in this field handle all communications with insurance carriers. They do so to protect the client and ensure the other side doesn’t use an innocent statement made by the victim against them at a later date.

The attorney and individuals they bring into the case investigate the facts surrounding the case to gather evidence regarding who was at fault. Courts require this proof in personal injury cases, and the same proof becomes of great help during negotiations with insurance companies. Michael L Chambers Jr Attorneys at Law handles these negotiations on behalf of the victim.

In addition, the attorney gathers necessary medical documents. They organize these records and bills to ensure they don’t go missing or get overlooked. The lawyer may also negotiate with lien holders, such as a disability insurance provider, on behalf of the client. Why should an attorney handle these tasks rather than the victim?


In a lawsuit of this type, the burden of proof falls on the victim. The attorney knows how to bolster the client’s case to increase the likelihood of a positive outcome. For instance, a victim might take pictures at the scene of the accident. After seeing the pictures, the attorney may visit the site to learn whether unidentified factors may have played a role in the incident.

The attorney also gathers accident and police reports along with other documents related to the accident. They may bring in an accident reconstruction expert to help determine fault. The lawyer examines the case from all aspects, which the client may not do simply because they don’t know what they need to prove the case.


A victim must prove they suffered harm in the accident before a court will award compensation. The lawyer works with medical professionals to get bills and records related to the injuries sustained during the accident.

Obtaining Necessary Evidence of Damages. This is where a good lawyer can be essential to your case, especially when you’ve suffered significant car accident injuries. People assume getting their medical records is easy, as they technically belong to the patient, but this isn’t always the case. The attorney understands the procedures used to get the records in a timely manner.

Furthermore, the attorney reviews the documents to ensure they meet the required burden of proof. Missing information could lead to a denial of the claim, for example. On the other hand, doctors may not use terms that prove the victim’s claims through medical evidence. The attorney works with medical professionals to ensure all documents provided meet the burden of proof.

The doctor needs to show how the accident led to the injuries. They must also provide an option regarding the extent of the injuries and how the injuries impact the victim’s life. Courts want this information to ensure the victim receives fair compensation without unfairly penalizing the responsible party.

Gathering evidence and providing damages serve as only two of many tasks an attorney takes on. They take on most tasks for the client during and beyond the client’s recovery process. With the attorney’s knowledge of the legal system, the case runs into fewer obstacles. Victims appreciate this, as it means they get compensated sooner, so they can move forward with life.