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Disney Characters In Real Life? Check This Out!

If you don’t LOVE Disney then you would leave us quite bothered about how your childhood was like. For the majority of us, Disney takes us down memory lane to when we were children and had no worries. We even recognize all the characters once we see them as they’ve become icons to .


We bet you must have wondered what Disney characters would look like in real life, right? If this sounds like you then you are in luck as Finnish artist, Jirka Vinse made these 52 portraits of beloved Disney characters reimagined as real people.

52. Ariel: The Little Mermaid.


We could not help but add Ariel to This listing because we love how her innocence was perfectly captured here. Just the way we remember it as she had been the favorite Disney princess of time. You’d agree that this portrait is one that you can’t easily get tired of staring at.


51. Captain Li Shang: Mulan.

If you recall Mulan quite well, then you will be familiar with Captain Li Shang. His character was that of a strong, loyal and strict young guy. You would agree that the artist didn’t leave out any of those features including his good looks, strong body build and determined character.

50. Ursula: The Little Mermaid.

The artist chose Ursula as his first work and we cannot get enough of the work. All of us recall Ursula for the wicked sea witch she was in The Little Mermaid. This portrait does justice to her character among Disney’s greatest villains.

49. Elsa: Frozen.

Elsa was born with the power of Ice and snow as we all know from the animation. We love how classy and sophisticated she appears in this portrait. It would interest you to know that from the initial drafts of the movie, she was depicted as a dramatic villain.

48. Belle: Beauty and The Beast.

Belle is a beautiful and smart Young lady from Beauty and the Beast. She appears flawless in this portrait as we believed she would be. We’re amazed at how the artist could portray her innocent yet confident nature all at once.

47. Prince Eric: The Little Mermaid.

We are quite sure most men must be Thankful that Prince Eric is just a Disney drawing rather than real. Looking at his portrait, we can not help but judge Ursula less, right? Besides, who would not envy Ariel?

46. Cruella De Vil: 101 Dalmatians.

The artist did a great job here By capturing the pure evil looks of a fashion-crazy, rich heiress which most of us know as the Devil Woman. If you missed anything, we are positive you did not miss the fact he emphasized every detail including her yellow-stained teeth because of smoking. Well done!

45. Moana: Moana.

It will not be an easy task to draw a Close-to-perfect portrait of the optimistic and lively Moana. We are thrilled that the artist cleared all doubts and delivered this painting. He went forward to emphasize her natural beauty also.

44. Tinker Bell: Peter Pan.

It is amazing how mischief is written all over Tinker Bell in this portrait. Her eyes give her away. The artist did an wonderful work here with her sassy look also.

43. Kocoum: Pocahontas.

Next is the portrait of Kocoum, The Native American warrior who rarely smiles and we could all see that. In case you forgot. The artist did a excellent job of portraying Kocoum’s serious look absolutely.

42. Hades: Hercules.

We love Hades from Hercules! If Not for anything, at least his humorous character despite his evilness. Looking at this portrait and we’re waiting for him to begin fast-talking as he always does.

41. Snow White: Snow White.

Without thinking twice, we all Understand that this is Snow White. Due to this amazing blush on her face which the artist left unchanged. This portrait combines the beauty and innocence of Snow White that made her one of our cherished Disney characters.

40. Mulan: Mulan.

You cannot help but love Mulan’s Round face and rosy cheeks in this gorgeous portrait. The artist did a excellent job by paying very good attention to details . You can tell that just like the character she played, she appears somewhat absent-minded and naïve.

39. Jane: Tarzan.

This priceless look on Jane’s face is our favorite. The artist actually did a fantastic job here. Everything is stunning, particularly her eyes!

38. Anna: Frozen.

Anna’s voice could be heard from This portrait, we do not need to think it is only us that can her talk. Her eyes? They capture the very essence of her character in the movie. Well done, Jonatan!

37. Eugene Fitzherbert or Flynn Rider: Tangled.

You are probably wishing Flynn Rider was real, right? Well, we are sad he is not too. Why is he not real, why?

36. Nakoma: Pocahontas.

We’re amazed how the artist did Nothing to change the simple yet beautiful look of Pocahontas’s best friend. There was not anything to alter anyhow. He did great with her appearances.

35. Esmeralda: The Hunchback of Notre Dame.

This portrait highlights the Adorable yet independent personality of Esmeralda who had been really good with evading Frollo. Stunning as always, the artist made sure that Esmeralda remains one of our favorite Disney characters. We hope you agree too.

34. Cinderella: Cinderella.

After Prince Charming, we present To you Disney’s most cherished character, Cinderella. Her true beauty, elegance and poise is nicely portrayed. We can not help but stare at this portrait daily.

33. Princess Jasmine: Aladdin.

Can you judge us if we refer to This edition of Jasmine as the best ever? We hope you do not. The next portrait is guaranteed to sweep all women off their feet.

32. Prince Philip: Sleeping Beauty.

We warned you to guard your hearts, ladies. Without even talking, this portrait is sufficient to make anyone fall in love with this handsome prince. We are quite sure that many of you must have gasped after viewing this.

31. Alice: Alice In Wonderland.

All of us love Alice! Well, this portrait does bring back old memories. Additionally, it gives us something to picture too. Terrific justice was done to her adorable, innocent character.

30. John Smith: Pocahontas.

We won’t judge you if you licked The screen once you saw this portrait of John Smith. He looks as handsome and real as he could be. Right now, all of us have three wishes… Be real, play a part in Pocahontas as individual and we would like to meet him. We are in need of a Genie for this, got you?

29. Pocahontas: Pocahontas.

Our listing is incomplete without having Pocahontas on it. This portrait is spot-on. When you haven’t watched Pocahontas then you will need to. Right now.

28. Kristoff: Frozen.

If you recall this handsome Hunk in Frozen, then you will also bear in mind he was raised by a family of trolls. They did a fantastic job. So did the artist in depicting his selfless, fun, sweet and loving character here.

27. Lady Tremaine: Cinderella.

As lovers of Cinderella, it is Difficult to overlook the Wicked Stepmother which has been power-hunger, manipulative and mean. There was no love or shame in her character. That is easily seen in her portrait, you can even tell how much she hates Cinderella’s guts here.

26. Prince Adam / Beast: Beauty and The Beast.

You can tell how haughty Prince Adam must have been that got him murdered by simply looking at this portrait. His selfish and cruel nature is somewhat visible. That does not mean that your male friends won’t upset that he is not a real person.

25. Tiana: The Princess and The Frog.

We must acknowledge that this version Of Tiana is much more gorgeous than the animation. She’s beautiful nonetheless. We love how the artist has been able to bring her to life how we imagined her to be.

24. Rapunzel: Tangled.

The Gorgeous princess of Corona Is type, high-spirited, curious and loving. All these gorgeous attributes can be found in this portrait of her. Thank you, Jo!

23. Tarzan: Tarzan.

We loved Alexander Skarsgård role Of Tarzan in The Legend of Tarzan film but after seeing this portrait, we are having a change of thoughts. Are we being too forward to call this portrait the ideal portrait of Tarzan? Or we will need to see the jungle first?

22. Thomas: Pocahontas.

Thomas is John Smith’s best Friend and sidekick in Pocahontas but this portrait highlights his great looks. This cheerful character is quite a wonder to behold. The artist did a fantastic job by letting us see that the innocent yet adorable side of Thomas here.

21. Hercules: Hercules.

This was the 1997 animated Feature movie that made us understand about the godlike strength of the son of Zeus and Hera. This portrait reveals how he would have appeared if he had been a real person. All we can say is, it is spot-on.

20. Aladdin: Aladdin.

This is very near the live-action Aladdin and we love it. But where is Abu? We are not being choosy but this portrait could have been complete with him inside, right?

19. Princess Jasmine: Aladdin.

We bet the artist must have invested Additional hours to perfect this appearance of Princess Jasmine. She looks so elegant and beautiful here that it leaves us speechless. Incidentally, this outfit is from the area of the picture where she had been captured by Jafar catches her and he made her wear it.

18. Captain Hook: Peter Pan.

Captain Hook, the bloodthirsty commander Of the Jolly Roger hasn’t looked this real before. This portrait highlights his vengeful, ruthless and greedy side. Our expectations were not crushed.

17. Prince Charming: Cinderella.

Our expectations were exceeded with this one. Here, the Prince of this faraway kingdom has such a graceful poise. With this grace, we would not see why any woman would not dance with him all night long denying it is almost midnight.

16. Merida: Brave.

We didn’t know this Scottish Princess would seem this cute. The artist accurately depicted her as the courageous and free-spirited woman character she was. Have not seen Brave yet? You should immediately!

15. Jafar: Aladdin.

This is one hell of a splendid job! The dark essence of Jafar is well represented. All we see is the pure evil, cold-hearted and power-hungry Disney Villain.

14. Peter Pan: Peter Pan.

Peter Pan, the chief of the Lost Boys, seems excited in this portrait. It’s like he is enjoying his never-ending youth enjoying the island of Neverland. The portrait just demonstrates that careless attitude and mischievousness of his.

13. Princess Aurora: Sleeping Beauty.

Princess Aurora, the daughter of King Stefan and Queen Leah, was cursed to die by the wicked Maleficent as most of us remember. The curse was broken by true love’s kiss and she had been awoken. Well, we are happy we got to see how amazing she could have been in real life.

12. Wendy: Peter Pan.

Here, Wendy Darling seems all ready to go. To enjoy the fantastical adventures with Peter Pan of course. The portrait shows her dreamy and daring side as her character in the animated movie.

11. Evil Queen: Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs.

The Evil Queen desired to stay the fairest one of all and that contributed to her decision to poison Snow White. This portrait shows how she’d look as a real man. Additionally, it shows her wicked and insane nature.

10. Prince Naven: The Princess and The Frog.

Remember Prince Naveen’s Introduction “I’m Prince Naven” that got him smashed by a book. It was completely hilarious. Prince Naven prides himself as a handsome and charming man and we cannot help but agree.

9. Ursula’s Alter Ego – Vanessa: The Little Mermaid.

We are not surprised how Ursula’s Alter ego managed to fool Prince Eric into enjoying her rather than Ariel. Her looks are enough to brainwash any guy. The artist did a excellent job with Vanessa’s looks here.

8. Maleficent: The Sleeping Beauty.

Here’s the wicked fairy that cursed Princess Aurora as revenge for not being invited to her christening. The portrait is spot-on. You would also agree that Angelina Jolie was the ideal live-action celebrity for this character.

7. Mother Gothel: Tangled.

We think the artist drawings Even capture the real essence of the characters than their original drawings. What do you think? This is a spot-on portrait of Rapunzel’s former foster mother-turned-enemy.

6. Megara: Hercules.

Megara (aka Meg) functioned as a Minion of Hades though she managed to free herself because there was still some innocence left . In this portrait, her eyes reveal the sad story of how she gave her soul into the Hades (god of the Underworld) to rescue her boyfriend. Sadly, he left her for another girl. So relatable, right?

5. The Prince: Snow White.

It would interest you to know that The Prince was the first realistic human man that Disney animators of Disney attempted to bring to life. We can see this here. The portrait highlights the romantic look of the charming prince.

4. Judge Claude Frollo: The Hunchback of Notre Dame.

This religious fanatic utilized his power and position to punish those who he considered his inferior. This portrait shows his true evil character for sure. We love how the artist made sure we could see how evil of guy he is.

3. Gaston: Beauty and The Beast.

However much we all hate Gaston, a part of us feel somewhat sorry for him. Or is it just us who feel this way? Anyway, kudos to the artist for showing this greedy, arrogant side of his obsession of wanting to marry Belle.

2. Prince Hans: Frozen.

We all disliked the power-hungry Prince Hans of the Southern Isles in Frozen. But this portrait is making us have second thoughts. He seems quite cute here.

1. Captain Phoebus: The Hunchback of Notre Dame.

This character was defined as a Villain in the beginning but his love for Esmeralda changes everything and caused him to fight for the right side. Oh, the power of love! He also looks super cute here as well.