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How To Build A Work Wardrobe That Lasts


In the last year or so, our work wardrobes have looked rather different than they used to. From luxury loungewear to dressing from the waist up, the move to working from home has prompted a new focus on comfort for our work attire.


As we move out of lockdown and return to the office once more, many of us will be assessing our work wardrobe, sorting out what is out of style and what no longer fits.

Building a work wardrobe that lasts is a great idea. It will cost us less in the long run, especially if we plan our budgets and assess our finances carefully.

Invest for the long term

Many of us dream of long and prosperous careers. It makes sense that we invest in our work wardrobe in the same way we do our careers.

When sourcing items to build your ideal work wardrobe, invest in pieces that have longevity. Many of our work wardrobes do not need constant evolution. Investing in work attire that is classic, stylish and long-lasting is essential.

Consume less. Wear more

The fashion industry is one of the biggest contributors to global pollution and environmental degradation.

Wearing our clothes for longer means not disposing of them in such short amounts of time, so we can consume less and send less clothing to landfill.

In the UK we send around £140million worth of wearable clothing to landfill every year. By consuming less and wearing our work wardrobe more, we can reduce our impact on the world and save ourselves some cash.

Wear. Repair. Resell

Taking care of our work wardrobes will help them last longer. Learning basic repair skills is a good way to help us maintain our garments for longer and keep costs down.

For the less crafty among us, building a relationship with our local tailor/alterations service can help.

When it comes time to part with a piece, resell it via an online platform or repair and re-wear app. This will help keep clothing out of landfill and give it a new life.

Buy pre-loved pieces

Before we replace pieces from our work wardrobes with brand-new high street buys, we could consider buying high-quality pre-loved pieces. This will help us build a sustainable work wardrobe.

Spending some time searching online could help us find pre-loved designer garments at a fraction of the cost. There are many sites now dedicated to sourcing and reselling quality pre-loved items.

Buying pre-loved is one of the best ways to support sustainability in fashion. Plus, finding a stunning piece from a brand we love will make us feel great when we head back to work.

No matter how you decide to build your work wardrobe, remember to develop one you love and that will last and last.