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Learning Language in Germany: How to Get Through That

The desire to speak German is more understandable since more than one hundred million people speak this language. German is the second most widely used language in the scientific world after English. The language in which Goethe, Mann, Schiller worked. Modern German prose and cinema are becoming more and more popular.



It is a well-known fact that the most effective way to learn German is to be directly in the language environment. Today in Germany, there are many opportunities to learn the language in local and international language schools. Depending on the level of language proficiency, you can choose courses for beginners or systems with an average or relatively high knowledge of the language. There are also courses with in-depth study of medical, legal, or other specialized terminology. The cost of training largely depends on the choice of the system. The intensity of training and, of course, the will of the school itself. It should be said that many universities in Germany offer to learn German “online.” It will help if you give your preference to full-time study at a language school.

Learn German in Specialized Institutions

Berlitz Sprachschule is an international language school. Representative offices of this institution are located not only in major cities in Germany but also in more than seventy countries. The institution has an impeccable reputation and many years of experience in working with foreigners. The process involves professional linguists who are proficient in various teaching methods to study the words and phrases for beginners. In the learning process, interactive methods are also used.

Get a Residency Permit to Study German

It is pretty challenging to learn business German on your own due to the peculiarities of the language. Therefore, a whole set of seminars has been developed specifically for foreigners, consisting of more than sixty business topics on leadership and strategy, sales and project management, in general, business terminology. You can learn vocabulary and grammar, both individually – with a German personal teacher and in groups. The cost of the course will depend on the level of your training. It depends a lot on the group’s choice, the number of hours, and the institution’s location in Germany.

Did Deutsch-Institut has offices in Berlin, Hamburg, Frankfurt, and Munich. Note that the representative offices of the institute in these cities are licensed centers for the TestDaF exam. Therefore, you can take the exam directly on the premises of the school. This institution has many years of experience working with foreigners, an impeccable reputation, and hundreds of thousands of positive reviews about the quality of teaching.

FOKUS Language School is an educational institution in Germany. It will be easy to teach and improve your level of knowledge for business representatives, highly qualified specialists, and beginners and children. In addition to various programs, students can take the TestDaF exam and receive a certificate. The cost of a weekly training is 200 euros.

Enter a University in Germany

One of the most famous German educational institutions for studying German around the world is the Goethe Institute. This institution promotes the study of the German language abroad and domestically. The institute’s main task is to familiarize me with German culture and increase the motivation for learning the German language in different countries of the world, and its quality teaching. The offered courses include a varied and exciting cultural and entertainment program, free access to media centers, and exams. Students can choose intensive, so-called premium, or special classes for professionals at any convenient time – in the morning, evening, and weekends. These programs actively prepare students from all over the world to study or work in Germany by teaching the German language:

  • Active lernen;
  • Insula köln;
  • Eloquia;
  • German schools in Germany Sprachcaffe Frankfurt;
  • Sprachcaffe düsseldorf;
  • Colón Language Center;
  • SprachKontakte;
  • ASL Internationale Sprachenschule;
  • Universität München;
  • Wortland;
  • Tricos;
  • Berlin Language School (BSS);
  • Hartnackschule Berlin;
  • Sprachenatelier Berlin.

Enter a Language School

The Linguarama language center has been successfully operating in Germany, offering intensive German courses in Germany since 1977. All eight centers in Germany are ideally located in terms of proximity to art galleries, museums, theaters, and other places of historical and cultural interest. Lingvarama offers three types of intensive training programs for people who need to develop their communication skills quickly.

A certified educational institution, following the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, Sprachschule Aktiv has branches in Germany’s largest cities and relatively small ones. In addition, this institution has a vast network of freelance teachers throughout the country for students wishing to study privately. Sprachschule aktiv offers to learn German from level A1 to C2. Interested participants can sign up for a free trial lesson for any course.

Language School Tandem Language School attaches great importance to creating a relaxed learning environment. Students practice all four language skills – reading, writing, audio skills, and listening. Learning grammar is accessible and easy. During the training, modern German textbooks are used, supplemented with authentic texts. The training program includes intensive summer courses and evening courses for the study of business German. Accommodation can be arranged through a language school, which gives students the option of homestay accommodation or unique student rooms.

Bonus Way: Surf the Internet

The Internet offers tremendous opportunities for learning German. There are a lot of interesting free programs in the public domain. Be sure to visit the BBC website. This resource has many innovative products that include audio and video files, valuable material that helps you learn the language. Also, listen to Lingua Network radio. The site has complimentary content.

To Sum It Up

Buy a pocket phrasebook finally! It is excellent for learning everyday and useful phrases, boosting your communication level to the skies. Knowledge of another foreign language is never excessive, so you have to be persistent about it.

Please choose from the options we offer for learning the German language that is most comfortable for you, joining the German culture, science, and business, and becoming the best student in the field of speech or another discipline you like.