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How To Have A More Sustainable Home


There are many ways we can make our home more sustainable. Small changes can have a huge impact on our contribution to climate change. Acknowledging how we can make positive change within our homes is the first step towards an eco-friendly movement. Making your home more sustainable doesn’t just affect the environment, but it also impacts our quality of life. Making sustainable alterations in your home will create a healthy and natural environment for your family to thrive. So, if you’re looking for ways to make your home more sustainable, look no further.


No more unused clothing 

Recent years have seen the rise of ‘throwaway’ fashion. More people have started buying clothes made from cheap materials, intending to only wear the garment once. Consequently, people have been filling their wardrobes with single-use clothing, prompting us to inevitably bin a huge proportion of those clothes in the future.

Buying timeless, resilient pieces of clothing will contribute to a more sustainable home. These quality pieces will stand the test of time as they will stay great even with multiple washes. Clothing that you wear frequently is the piece you should consider swapping for a higher quality option. Quality pieces such as nightdresses, boots, coats and jumpers will serve you well, particularly through the winter months.

Buy more bamboo 

Bamboo is a material that has become a popular topic of conversation when discussing sustainability. Ladies style experts Damart comment on the hypoallergenic and moisture absorbing qualities of bamboo and how it can be the perfect material for socks and bedding.

You could choose to incorporate bamboo into your home through soft fabrics such as duvets or pillowcases. Alternatively, you could swap your everyday items for a sustainable bamboo option. Try swapping your cleaning utensils for instance. Change to brushes with a durable bamboo handle and be sustainable with minimal effort.

Get a better bin

Often, it can be easy to forget recycling and, you find yourself flippantly putting plastic in the bin without a second thought. Despite this being reckless, it is easily done if you don’t have a recycling bin on hand. So, buying a separator bin is the perfect solution to this issue. There are plenty of great separator bins on the market. You can choose what size and how many sections you need – making bin duties a little bit more pleasant.

Hang your clothes out to dry 

Tumble driers use up a lot of energy in your home. Therefore, a simple solution is to hang your clothes out to dry naturally. If you don’t have outdoor space, utilize the hanging space inside your home.