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Interested In Arts And Crafts? Here Are Some Awesome Ideas

The whole idea behind arts and crafts is expressing yourself in the most creative way possible. But to do this, one has to be aware of all the various techniques that exist within arts and crafts, that can be used to show one’s ideas or feelings. Some are physically demanding, others are very light on the hands but allow for more freedom of expression. There are various types of crafts and different projects one can work on, and it can be hard to choose which one suits you best.


The short answer is that there is no best. But rather, in reality, people should try out different things to express themselves and make beautiful things every time they grab a brush, a hammer, a pencil, or whatever. So here is a list of arts and crafts ideas that can turn your imagination into reality.


Finger Painting

So, this is nothing new and even children are taught how to do it while in kindergarten. Though the sad reality is that many people simply forget that they used to use their fingers for more than just typing on a keyboard and swiping on a phone screen! Finger painting is a rather easy technique to use but can yield fantastic results, and even the greatest artists who ever lived sometimes used their fingers to paint. The trick is, of course, to apply different pressure depending on what you’re doing.

Working with fingernails can give straight lines and defined edges while swiping with a thumb will give volume and can be used to cover larger surfaces. It’s a bit messy, yes, and you should be careful not to destroy the rest of the piece by grabbing the edge with hands that have wet paint on them, though other than that – it’s much easier to wash your hands than to wash brushes!

Hand-Made Marvels

Another thing that is gaining a lot of interest and has a growing community is jewelry making. Now, just to be clear, this doesn’t imply using precious metals, stones, and needing extremely steady hands, though the latter helps a lot. Jewelry can be anything from a string of seashells to artisanally arranged rings.

The old craft of making chainmail is sometimes used for this, as people can create beautiful pieces with nothing but a pair of pliers and some thin wire. You can take a closer look here for jewelry-making supplies that will get you started. Gold and silver are notoriously expensive and will set you back considerably, so better not use them as materials for your project if you are just starting. Copper can be easily shaped and has a lovely reddish hue, while bronze is a bit tougher yet can be polished to a satisfying gold-ish color.

Working With Clay

The most famous of all arts and crafts, making pottery, or simply working with clay, is an old and very artistic pastime. To some, it is a profession, though with the emergence of the industrial revolution and newer materials we have mostly abandoned pottery in favor of metal and plastic containers, yet still admire and display vases here and there. And for starters – those can be some of the first projects for anyone.

Working on a pottery wheel, you can create a simple and symmetrical shape quite quickly. Clay is relatively cheap and can be bought practically anywhere in the world, while the only more expensive thing in the whole ordeal is a kiln for baking. Of course, unless you are making roof tiles and need extremely high temperatures, even a simple home oven can do the trick.

After shaping a piece, such as a vase, you can try and lavishly decorate it to make a real work of art! If you don’t have inspiration for anything in particular you can look at some historic examples, such as the famous amphorae from ancient Greece.


A Needle and Thread

Next up on this list is the very fine, and very gentle craft of sewing and needle working. Though they don’t strictly refer to the same thing, for starters the distinction isn’t so important. Sewing is a practical life skill that every adult should be able to do in at least its basic terms. Putting back a button and filling up holes in socks is not difficult yet everyone has needed that at some point in their life.

Here you can see some great sewing ideas for starter projects, and from there continue to develop something of your own. A sewing machine makes things all that easier and quicker, yet fine work and personal touch are usually only achieved by hand. Your fingers will hurt, yes, if you are not used to that kind of pressure, but rest assured that seeing a finished piece of clothing on yourself or a friend is well worth the effort.

Metal Hot Working

Forging or blacksmithing, as it is usually called, is the craft of bending metal to your will. While it would be cool if people could bend it with their mind like Magneto, that is, most likely, impossible, and so the best solution is to use an anvil and hammer. Most metals can be used for blacksmithing, though some are notoriously hard and need to be made softer via heat in a fire. If you are using a furnace for that, pay attention to the melting temperatures of various metals, as you want a red hot metal in a solid state, not a liquid!

This craft is a bit harder to get into because it is very loud and very dirty, so having a remote garage, or having a spot in an industrial zone is a good starting point. But with a few crude tools, such as a hammer, a vise, an anvil, and some imagination – you can work just like a blacksmith and create various shapes to your liking and needs.


As was said, the list of possible projects is very long, practically unlimited, as to what someone can do if they have a thing for arts and crafts. The trick is to find the technique, approach, or style that you are comfortable with and let your natural talent and imagination lead your hands to some fantastic things for you and the world to enjoy.