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How To Keep Your Hands Soft with Hand Cream 

The hand is one of the most vulnerable body parts to skin dryness due to exposure to various substances and the likelihood of engagement in multiple activities. Besides the activities, the hands are exposed to weather elements; all these factors can take a toll on the hand, leading to conditions such as dryness, roughness and cracking. The hands frequently touch other body parts and are a critical element of beauty; hence, you must ensure it is soft and smooth.  


Dry and rough hands problems can easily be tackled if you have the right products to soften the hands and follow the proper guideline. Most people prefer homemade hand cream made from different ingredients; however, you can also buy already manufactured creams. Here are some guidelines for using these creams.  

What Causes Skin Dryness? 

Various conditions can lead to skin dryness, including environmental factors such as UV and extreme heat exposure. During winter, the body tends to get drier, and the hands are likely to be affected due to direct exposure.  

 Health conditions and irritants can also lead to skin dryness, especially if the hands are directly exposed to the irritants when touching them. You should use protective gears to protect your hands when handling any chemicals. You should also carefully handle other home chemicals and items, such as detergents, to avoid direct exposure and effects on the hand. 

Certain medical conditions can also lead to the hands getting dry and scaly. Diseases like diabetes can limit blood flow to specific body parts, such as the hands. The limited blood flow can improve aeration on the hands leading to dryness. Conditions such as eczema and psoriasis can also lead to dryness. 

A dry hand can sometimes be irritating and affect your beauty. Lucky for you, there are additional remedies like hand creams to reverse the condition.  

Selecting The Ideal Hand Cream 

Many hand creams are available in the market and are suitable for dealing with dry hand conditions. However, not all will be suitable for reversing dry hands and other effects. When selecting the perfect hand cream for soft hands, ensure it contains the following ingredients. 

Some of these ingredients are suitable for making natural skin softeners and homemade lotions. A good cream should have a few of these ingredients, if not all—coconut oil, aloe Vera, almond oil, honey, sugar scrub and other elements.  

Based on these ingredients, the best hand creams for dealing with dry skin should suit your needs. You can select vegan and non-vegan versions; however, the main emphasis should be on ingredients. Some of the best hand creams should have aloe Vera, almond, coconut, olive, almond oils and honey in large quantities.  

Ingredient Benefits 

Coconut and almond oil are antioxidants that prevent oxidation and other conditions that could lead to dryness. They are also suitable for skin hydration and moisturization, which can increase lipid and fat levels on the surface, preventing skin dryness. Sugar scrubs and granules help exfoliate the skin, further preventing skin dryness. 

Sometimes, dry skin can be itchy and irritating, leading to further injuries, especially when you scratch more. On such occasions, hand creams with honey can soothe and moisturize the hand, preventing discomfort and irritation.   

Aloe Vera has multiple effects that could easily soothe pain and prevent dryness. As an antioxidant and due to its medicinal benefits, it can prevent some conditions that could dry hands. It can heal dryness, lead to smooth skin and avoid irritation. 

How Often Should You Apply Hand Creams? 

Most people would advise that you apply the creams all the time; however, that would be wasteful. Once you use some hand cream, give it two hours before applying the next round. Allow the skin to absorb the ingredients in the cream to deal with the dryness. 

After activities such as cleaning, you should apply the hand cream immediately. Cleaning involves handling different chemicals and substances; the first caution is to avoid handling the substances directly. Use protective barriers such as gloves when cleaning.  

While going for a walk or attending other events, you should apply hand cream to avoid the effects of weather and other environmental factors. You should ensure the hands are moisturized when doing other activities, such as cleaning driveways and lawn mowing. Apply the hand creams at most four or five times daily.  

Apply the cream to all parts, both the palms and the back. Apply some cream between the fingers and massage the fingers gently to cover all the areas. Do not forget the palms, which are also vulnerable to dryness, especially when exposed to too much water.   

When Should You Apply Hand Cream? 

There is no recommended duration to use the hand creams; however, applying them at certain times will help you boost the effects of these creams. The best time to apply lotion is when going to bed, allowing enough time for the body to drain the ingredients in the hand cream.  

Before bed, wash your hands with warm water and apply the cream. It is best to apply the cream when the hand is still damp to allow the skin to retain some moisture as you use it on top.  

After your morning workouts, breakfast and other routines, apply some hand creams to ensure they are smooth in the morning. 

After washing your hands, you should apply the creams but watch out not to keep applying them all the time. After you shower, while you moisturize the body, always remember to use a different cream for the hand. Finally, apply the cream after cleaning activities 

After you apply the cream, you can limit direct exposure to weather and other environmental factors. During winter, put on the gloves after you apply the cream. Gloves protect the hand from direct warm air affecting the cream’s potency. They also maintain the effects within the hand, giving the skin enough time and keeping it warm to absorb the ingredients in the cream.   

Avoid rubber and plastic gloves and only use them when cleaning. The best gloves should be woollen and made from warmer materials, or you can buy collagen gloves. Collagen gloves are suitable for nourishing and repairing dry and cracked skin. You can put on collagen gloves after moisturizing your hand before heading to bed.  


You can apply different hand creams on your hands; your primary focus should be on the ingredients included in the cream. The ingredients will be ideal for benefits such as preventing irritation, reducing dryness, moisturizing the hand and preventing other conditions that can worsen the dryness. Also, follow the usage guidelines to apply the hand creams correctly and at the right time.