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Top 5 Smart Gadgets You Need For Your Home

Technology touches almost every aspect of modern life. Smart gadgets can make every effort more seamless, so we love integrating them into our homes as much as possible. Look no further for our top five intelligent devices you need for your home.


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Diffuser Made Smart

Our first pick in our top five smart gadgets you need for your home is the Pura Smart Fragrance Diffuser. The product retails for $99 and offers a more innovative way to fragrance your home. This discrete device keeps your home smelling delectable, and it can be controlled from your smartphone! Safer than traditional burning candles, this smart diffuser makes leaving a signature scent in your space effortless.

Unlike traditional essential oil diffusers, the Pura Smart Fragrance Diffuser does not require any water changes, mixing of oils, or fiddling with cleaning. You can put the diffuser on a schedule to release differing scents depending on the time of day, mood, or lifestyle.

Smart Gardening

Next up on our top five smart gadgets you need for your home is the Click and Grow Smart Garden Indoor Herb Garden, which retails for $80. This gadget is perfect for the chef inside you! Quickly grow fresh herbs on your countertop with this device. The Click and Grow offer effortless maintenance as it has self-watering technology and an LED lamp. Your plants for the device come in convenient pods, which makes growing fresh veggies and herbs fuss-free.

Sound Machine & Smart Light

Our third pick for our top five smart gadgets you need for your home is the Hatch Restore Sound Machine and Smart Light. This little device packs a punch. The $130 machine is compact with many features, so we love it so much. Not only is the Hatch a sound machine for more meaningful rest as you sleep, but it also is a light and sunrise alarm clock. Designed to improve your night of sleep and your morning routine, this device will leave you feeling more rejuvenated than ever before.

Smart Hub

We can’t compile our list of smart gadgets you need for your home without mentioning an intelligent hub. Our pick is the Echo Show 15, which retails for $250. The over 15-inch display is perfect for keeping you and your busy family organized. This Alexa-based system will easily control all your smart devices in one place. Plus, enjoy simple entertainment viewing and many additional features of a virtual assistant.

Bathroom Mirror Reboot

Our final pick for our list of top five smart gadgets you need for your home is the Hauschen Home LED Bathroom Wall Mounted Mirror, which retails for $470. This investment mirror will leave your home bathroom feeling more like a spa. Featuring a fully controllable brightness dimmer around the mirror, it also has an anti-fog design so you can look into the mirror even after a steamy shower. The modern look leaves your space feeling effortlessly elevated.