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Reasons Why more People Choose Moissanite Engagement Rings

If you love jewelry, you are probably aware of the impact diamond rings have on your life. Diamonds are among the most expensive gemstones as it is rare and exist only in limited quantities. However, there’s another alternative called moissanite. You may ask, what is moissanite? Moissanite engagement rings are very durable as the gemstone is synthetic with high hardness. This blog post discusses the significant reasons to purchase moissanite engagement rings. Keep reading to learn more.


It’s Cheaper and Easier to Maintain

One appealing aspect of choosing moissanite is that it’s cheaper than diamonds. This doesn’t mean that moissanite is simple, a cheap knock-off diamond version. On the contrary, moissanite contains diamonds’ most desirable aspects without an astronomical price tag. This is due to the ability to grow it in a laboratory setting that is reliable, cost-effective, and consistent. This is unlike diamond, which can be created in the lab, but the process is more complicated and costly.

Another reason this stone is popular is that it is easy to maintain and light. Moissanite gives the perfect lightweight engagement ring that leaves you comfortable. Unlike diamonds, it also doesn’t need special care. You only need to keep it dry and clean. In addition, moissanite has hypoallergenic properties that make it safe for those suffering from allergies. For this reason, it’s a favorite choice of many jewelry lovers. Most people need to wear something safe and protect their health, hence the choice of moissanite in engagement rings.

Moissanite is Sustainable

The diamond industry engages in mining practices harmful to the environment and exploits local cheap labor. Naturally-occurring moissanite is rare on earth, meaning there aren’t questionable mining operations to procure it. The fact is that the naturally occurring and lab-grown moissanite are identical chemically. Due to this, the lab-grown moissanite isn’t an imitation of stone, but it’s the real deal. This bypasses the significant conflicts associated with diamonds since moissanite doesn’t need digging out of the earth in substantial quantities.

As new generations step up the fight to protect the planet, the ecologically and socially sustainable options are more evident. This is one factor behind moissanite popularity as people redefine the value of beauty in the world.

It Exists in Different Shapes and Sizes

This wonderful stone exists in various sizes and shapes. Some include princess cut, round, emerald cut, oval, heart shape, and pear shape. Such designs make their engagement rings versatile as they can fit any engagement ring setting or wedding band. All this is possible since they can be made in the laboratory. Moreover, moissanite stones last longer than diamonds. It’s estimated that it could last up to ten times more than a diamond. This is because of the hardness of the stone. Also, improved processes in the lab help produce longer-lasting moissanite for jewelry.

Moissanite engagement rings are very durable, easy to clean, lightweight, and affordable, making them an excellent alternative to diamonds. If you need a beautiful yet cost-effective gemstone, consider purchasing moissanite rings. You get quality close to that of the diamond at an affordable cost.