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5 Fashion Hacks For Wearing A Ring Like A Pro


Wearing rings can be great conversation starters, but they can also make you feel pretty self-conscious. Even if you only wear one ring on your right hand, it might feel like that ring gets in the way of other things like typing or holding a book, or even shaking hands with people – especially if your job requires you to do those things frequently. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of the best fashion hacks for wearing rings so that you can still enjoy your favorite piece of jewelry while living your busy life! Check out these five hacks and start wearing your rings again!


Wear it on your ring finger

The index finger is too slender to showcase larger rings effectively. By wearing your ring on your ring finger, you’ll draw attention to its size and sparkle while making it less obvious that you’re not wearing an engagement ring

Stack them

One of my biggest frustrations with rings is not being able to wear them because they won’t fit. But that was before I discovered how to wear more than one ring at once. To do so, stack your favorite rings together by laying one flat and placing another on top. This technique works especially well if you have thin fingers; otherwise, it can be difficult to balance multiple rings on your finger.

Wear it over your knuckle

If you wear rings on your fingers, make sure they fit. It can be difficult to judge whether or not an item of jewelry will fit, particularly if it’s being worn by someone else. Try and buy rings that have adjustable clasps; otherwise, choose styles that will slip over your knuckle. You might need assistance to get rings on and off at first, but once you’ve adjusted them once or twice, there should be no problems.

Play with shapes and styles

You’re not limited to traditional ring shapes and styles when wearing rings, especially if you want to keep your Moissanite earrings looking polished. Experiment with different textures, materials, colors, and styles. Try a bold nail-polish color or oversized hoops with an intricate design instead of your classic solitaire diamond or pearl band. If you have small hands, wear rings on every finger, so they don’t look lost on your hand.

Try pairing a Moissanite earring with an oversized cocktail ring or stacking multiple smaller rings in different colors and styles.

Wear them on different fingers

No one says that you have to wear your ring on your finger. If you’re struggling to figure out how to show off a big, bold piece of jewelry, try switching it up and wearing it on your middle finger. This will draw less attention than wearing an earring or bracelet but can still be fun and unexpected. Earrings of moissanite are also perfect if you want something extra flashy!