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Seven Trendy Must-Haves For Your Modern Bathroom



With the numerous lockdowns worldwide, everybody has been spending more time at home. Many have taken this opportunity to renovate and spruce up their homes, especially their bathrooms. The bathroom would be one of the more functional and practical spaces to fix up, but if you are out of ideas, we have compiled are some contemporary bathroom trends that will help you design a stylish bathroom


Large Neutral Coloured Tiles

Colorful, tiny mosaic tiles in bathrooms have become a dated trend, bathrooms with larger wall tiles appear more polished and stylish. Playing around with different textures and incorporating neutral colors are very trendy at the moment. Keep an eye out for earth-colored tiles made of materials such as stone and marble for an elegant flair to your walls. Using larger tiles makes the room seem more spacious and there are fewer unsightly grout lines too, making it easier to clean. We recommend arranging the tiles by stacking them on top of one another for a minimalist look. If you need inspiration, check out these victoria plum bathrooms.

Smaller Bathtubs

Who can say no to a nice relaxing bath at the end of a long day of work? A soak in the tub can do wonders for your mood. While many people opt to ditch the bath for a shower, you can get the best of both worlds by installing a smaller tub and a separate shower space. Getting a smaller flat-bottom bath can make a huge statement in your bathroom, it is a luxurious yet minimalist piece that takes up a lot less space and water as compared to a regular bathtub. Being cooped up at home with other people around can get stressful and overwhelming, so take some time to unwind in the comfort of your bathroom for some much-deserved me-time.

Quartz Bathroom Counters

The durable and sleek material is all the rage, it is not only resistant to stains but can last a long time. A quartz countertop in your bathroom will make life a whole lot easier because it is easy to clean and is fairly low-maintenance, unlike other materials. Being a non-porous material, quartz does not allow liquids to seep in, preventing germs and bacteria from breeding inside the pores. This is an important factor in a bathroom environment where there is a lot of water and condensation, hence, quartz is an excellent material for your bathroom counter. Try opting for a lighter finish, they are aligned with the trend toward warmer tones.

Paint your bathroom

Shades of orange, yellow and brown are making their way back into the bathroom. If you choose not to tile your bathroom walls, then paint over them instead. A fresh coat of paint can switch up the look in your bathroom, no matter what shades you choose. However, it can be tricky to choose paint for a humid place like a bathroom. Be sure to pick water-resistant paint, can withstand the heat, and is easy to clean. You might also want to find paint that can repel mildew and mold as well so that they do not grow on your walls. If you are feeling unsure, consult a professional to be sure that the type of paint is lasting and appropriate to use in a bathroom setting.

High-Tech Toilet Bowls

With everybody wary about germs and bacteria during this time, procuring a smart toilet in your bathroom is a good investment. Many smart toilets do not require the user to manually touch the flush or close the lids, this means that there is less human contact with surfaces making it much safer for bathroom users as compared to a traditional toilet. Plus, we all dread cleaning the germy toilet bowl, but this smart toilet lessens the load with built-in self-cleaning functions that does all the dirty work for you. Smart toilets are not only great at keeping your bathroom clean and sanitary, this modern piece would also make the interior look super cool and high-tech.

Backlit Mirrors

One of the most significant ways to change up your bathroom is to upgrade to a stylish backlit mirror instead of a plain, boring, normal one. A well-lit bathroom is a mark of good design, the light from the back of the mirror allows for a glowing effect that is much less harsh than a normal light, which will drastically affect the ambiance of the bathroom. The mirror is one of the central pieces of a bathroom and having it lit from the back would also bring more attention to it especially if you have a feature wall. This small detail can boost the look of your bathroom by adding elements of visual interest and can come in handy if you want to take a photo because the light would not create a glare on the mirror’s surface. This is an excellent way to add a touch of modernity and style to your bathroom without breaking the bank.

Wall-Mounted Vanity

For an ultramodern look, a floating vanity would be a good and space-saving addition to your bathroom layout. Without legs, the floating vanity creates an illusion of space and can provide more storage for you as well. You can get a whole set complete with a sink and storage cabinet below to hide the piping, or you purchase each unit separately too, the options are endless! Either way, it takes up much less floor space and makes the floor easier to clean without any obstructions. Getting your vanity mounted on the wall makes the room look less cluttered, and maximizes your wall space if you are working with a smaller bathroom.


There are many ways to spruce up a bathroom and make it more trendy, and we have just highlighted a few ideas to get you going. Upgrading your space can be a fun process, and a bathroom is a great place to start as we use it daily. Revamping the space would not only make you feel better about the space but have practical benefits as well, such as making it easier to clean. Incorporating a few stylish elements will elevate the look and make your early morning routine a much more pleasant experience overall.