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The Best Ways To Make Your Home Into Oasis Of Peace And Zen Quietness

My home is my castle. It’s a place to feel safe and a place to enjoy privacy and intimacy. The famous principle refers to safety as a top priority, which was quite understandable for people of the past. The home of today is supposed to be much more than just a safe space. We expect our homes to be cozy, beautiful, and stylish. We pay a lot of attention to the design of our homes, which can serve many different purposes. A well thought through design can be practical, beautiful, and also invoke particular emotions.


If you need a space which will protect you from the stress and emotional challenges of daily life, there are design features which will do the job very well and which will be easy to implement. You can choose many ways of dealing with stress such as a nice massage. A good luxury massage can help a great deal, and it can be helpful for almost everyone. Although massage or spa may be very helpful, wellness alone is not enough. If you want to deal with the problem seriously, you need to pay attention to the place where you live. Here are the best design ideas which will help you to hide from stress at home.

Let there be light

Light is essential for feeling well in any kind of room. When you plan your home keep in mind the combination of natural light and lamps. If you are going to get enough sunlight through the windows, you can stick to less intensive light bulbs with soft and warm light. It’s ok if during the evenings or nights your living space is not lit as much as during a sunny day. It’s important to feel the difference between day and night, and a clear division of this kind will be good for your emotional well-being.

Let some nature into your home

The walls of our homes make a border to the world outside. It’s good to have a boundary, it’s never good to isolate oneself from nature. There are great ways to let some bits of nature into your home. Think about getting some home plants. You can find a variety of plants which will make your home more beautiful and cozier. Most of them are quite easy to take care of, so you can try new plants even if you don’t have much experience dealing with them. Plants can also make a great decoration of your balcony or loggia. In this case keep in mind the seasonality, so that your small forest stays with you all year round.

Try different mixes of colors and textures

Colors have a huge impact on how we perceive the space we are in. Playing with colors and shades can help a great deal to create a calm and quiet mood in your home. Too many bright colors can be too irritating, however it does not make sense to go for purely white walls and furniture as it will end up looking pale and boring. Even white color can have different shades, so that a creamy shade will look a little bit warmer. Also you can try different combinations of your favorite colors or those which can be associated with different activities, such as blue for bedroom or red for kitchen. Apart from colors the walls can have various kinds of texture, which will help to create a very pleasant ambience in your home.

Use some textiles for comfort and relax

The living space will benefit greatly from all sorts of textiles. If your goal is to create a quiet and comforting space, you will need lots of soft and pieces of textile. Try different kinds of curtains on your windows to play with the light and to add some soft items on your walls. Put a nice rug on the floor which you can enjoy while walking barefoot. Add more pillows and a nice blanket to your couch for comfortable sitting with a book or a cup of coffee. Textiles can do magic and your home will feel much cozier with them.

Last but not least

Don’t hesitate to explore more ideas for the design of your home. Bringing new nice features and changing the environment even slightly can become another way to make you feel better at home.