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Do Wooden Hangers Prevent Shoulder Bumps?

Even the cheapest possible button-down shirt can last for years if you give it some TLC and store it right. On the other hand, you can ruin even the most expensive, high-quality suit instantly if you leave it hanging on the first wire hanger you come across.  


You’ve likely seen it yourself, the most common example being those awkward shoulder bumps on your suits, shirts, and sweaters that you can’t seem to get rid of no matter what you do.  

Can you prevent these shoulder bumps and ensure they never appear on your most beloved clothing in the first place? Well, you just might with proper storing and the right choice of the hanger.  

Learn about the best storage techniques for your clothes below and find out how a simple thing like a wood hanger can help keep your clothes in pristine condition.  

Hang or fold – which way to store your clothes?

While a wood suit hanger could be the ideal way to store your suits, hangers aren’t always the best option for storing all your clothes. Sometimes, folding your clothes is a much better if you want to enjoy them for longer 

Deciding whether to hang or fold your clothes largely depends on the weight and material. 

As a general rule of thumb, any item on the heavier side, including coats, sweaters, and shirts or dresses with heavier embellishments on the bottom, should be folded. Otherwise, you risk stretching the items too much when hanging them.  

You should also fold knitwear and clothing made of elastic materials such as lycra. Shirts, pants, and jackets that tend to get wrinkly, on the other hand, should be hung.  

Types of hangers and what they’re good for  

Once you’ve determined which of your clothing items belongs on the hanger, it’s time to choose the type of hanger to use. It makes all the difference in how long your clothes last.  

Wire hangers  

You should avoid wire hangers at all costs. They’re only suitable for arts and crafts with kids, not for storing your clothes.  

They’re weak. They’ll bend under the slightest of weights, and they’ll most certainly misshape your clothes, leading to those awkward shoulder bumps.  

Clip hangers  

Clip hangers can be a good option for some clothing items prone to wrinkling when folded but have an awkward shape that makes it impossible to hang them on regular hangers. Most commonly, clothes you should put on clip hangers include skirts, sleeveless tops, and some pants.  

Plastic hangers  

Plastic hangers can be a good option for clothes like cotton shirts if you don’t have any alternative. You’ll want to avoid putting any heavier items on plastic hangers as they are prone to breaking.  

If you already have plastic hangers in your closet, don’t throw them away. However, avoid buying more plastic hangers as they’re not the best option for your clothes, and you’ll be sure to throw them out eventually, only adding to the problem of plastic pollution. 

Padded hangers  

You should only use padded hangers for sensitive items such as lingerie, silk tops, and the like. Since their construction is usually plastic, they have the same durability issues as traditional plastic hangers and are generally best avoided.  

Wood hangers  

There’s a reason why wood hangers are the go-to choice for most people. They’re sturdy, resilient, and gentle on your clothes, and they have several surprising benefits we’ll discuss in a moment.  

You should always strive to buy wood hangers, even though they often carry a hefty price tag. They’ll last much longer than any alternative and keep your clothes in great shape.  

The benefits of wood hangers  

Wood hangers are the best investment you could make for your clothing. Take a look at just some of the benefits they bring.  

They DO prevent shoulder bumps!  

Wood hangers are the perfect solution to prevent those annoying shoulder bumps on your shirts and suits. They are thick enough to provide adequate shoulder support and keep your clothing looking brand new.  

Of course, you should still avoid putting knitwear and stretchy tops with a heftier weight on hangers, including wood hangers. Gravity will still do its job and pull those items down, stretching them around the neck and shoulder.  

However, wood hangers are the best solution to preventing shoulder bumps on cotton shirts, suits, light jackets, etc.  

They’re durable  

Unlike wire hangers, prone to warping, and plastic hangers, prone to breaking, wood hangers display the utmost durability. They can withstand the weight of even your heftier winter jackets, and you’ll easily be able to use them for years to come. Who knows, you might even leave them as part of the inheritance for your kids and grandkids!  

They come in several sizes.  

Most commonly, wood hangers are much more comprehensive than their wire and plastic counterparts. However, as a bonus, they also come in several different sizes.  

The sizes usually range from 12 to 25 inches, the smaller ones being great for children’s clothing and the larger ones for adults.  

Some wood hangers repel moths.  

The last thing you want to see in your closet are moths. They can quickly ruin your favorite clothing, especially the pricier items made of cashmere and wool.  

The key to saving your clothes is prevention. Mothballs and lavender bags can help keep moths away, but so can wood hangers made of cedar! Cedar is an excellent moth repellent, so it’s always good to have it in your closet.  

Final thoughts  

There are no alternatives to wood hangers. Whether you want to prevent shoulder bumps, repel moths, or avoid buying new hangers every couple of months after your old ones break, wood hangers are the way to go. They’ll keep your closet nice and organized and all your clothes in pristine condition!