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The Most Important Attributes Of Any Holiday

There are hundreds of holidays in the world: some celebrate birthdays, anniversaries or weddings, while others at the other end of the world organize their own festivities. It is impossible to imagine a holiday and congratulations without flowers. Beautifully wrapped bouquets, baskets of flowers and arches decorated with blossoms are present at every celebration. To make your holiday perfect, you can order a flower bouquets delivery at


Holiday attributes help to make these moments the happiest and most unforgettable. The most important of them are:

● presents;

● cakes;

● flowers.

You can give a bouquet of flowers for any occasion and without it. Women are especially happy with flowers.
pink and yellow flower bouquet

The history of floristics. In what year was the first bouquet created?

The history of floristics as science began about five thousand years ago in Egypt, Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome. However, at that time, decorative compositions of flowers were used mainly during religious rituals or sports competitions. The very concept of “bouquet” as a bunch of cut blossoms tied with a decorative ribbon appeared in France only in the XV century.

The Greeks considered plants to be living beings, and the custom of presenting buds, leaves and green branches as a gift for the occasion appeared with them.

Different flowers for different celebrations. Which bouquets are for which celebrations?

When choosing a bouquet and ordering a holiday flower delivery, it is worth considering to whom it will be presented and for which occasion:

● For weddings, bouquets of white flowers are traditionally chosen. Delicate cream-colored roses speak of the impeccability of the couple. Peonies and lilies in white will be a wish for happiness and prosperity.

● It is customary to give at least three flowers for a birthday. The maximum number of flowers in a bouquet is unlimited. The criteria for choosing appropriate colors are the preferences of the birthday girl. This also applies to the choice of colors for the composition.

● A successful option for a gift for February 14 is floral arrangements and boxes. The heart shape, the main symbol of St. Valentine’s Day, is especially popular. A heart of red roses is a luxurious and spectacular bouquet, which is sure to be liked and remembered.

A beautiful bouquet is a wonderful opportunity to give anyone a good mood.

white petaled flowers bouquet

Should we only give flowers on holidays?

A bouquet of flowers is more of a sign of attention. Usually, flowers are accompanied by something else. One bouquet, even a very expensive one, is not a gift. If you want to give joy, for example, to the birthday girl, you should choose a small gift.

Flowers become an original addition to the gift on any holiday. But don’t forget, if you order a floral delivery on an ordinary day, you can achieve a much greater effect.
pink rose bouquet beside brown paper bag

By giving flowers to your spouse, mother, sister, business partner or colleague on an ordinary, perhaps unremarkable, or even cloudy day, you make their life brighter and happier; such moments are especially memorable.