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Tricks to Optimize Your Home Theater Design


A couple of decades ago, we could not even think that we would not have to leave the house to comfortably watch a funny comedy or an exciting blockbuster. Today we will talk about a home theater, where each of us can comfortably sit in our own relaxation area, taking popcorn and drinks with us!


The era of innovations, in which we are lucky enough to live, makes it possible to equip your home with advanced technologies, including those that provide high-quality film screening within an apartment or cottage.

And if technical capabilities in the form of the Internet and modern equipment are on our side, then an improperly designed home cinema design can nullify all efforts, regardless of expensive equipment.

Let’s understand the rules and design options for a cinema in the house

One of the most important steps in setting up a home theater is purchasing the right equipment. What it will be – a liquid crystal screen or a video projector, you decide. The choice of technology directly depends not only on the wallet, but also on the characteristics of the area where you want to arrange a home cinema.

Of course, residents of private houses can afford a more spacious and louder home theater than residents of apartments. By the way, high-quality acoustics is achieved not only by expensive equipment, but also by well-arranged furniture, which should not stand in the way of sound.

Another important point is high-quality sound insulation, which is most often achieved with special soundproof panels.

Let’s take a look at the most popular cinema locations and talk about the design of these spaces in more detail.

1. Home theater interior in the living room

Not all modern apartments can boast a separate room for arranging a home theater. Therefore, in most cases, the location of the zone for watching movies in the living room is the only possible option for urban residents. And yet, it has its advantages!

The main advantage of this option is that there is no need to purchase additional furniture. In the living room, you can place a large soft sofa or cozy armchairs, as well as a coffee table, and in the shelving structure, provide containers with boxes for discs. The only drawback is that it is impossible to fully provide high-quality acoustics.

Don’t forget about artworks which will give your cinema space a unique atmosphere. You can choose any plot for the picture, of course, depending on what kind of atmosphere you want to create in your space.

But the most classic choice was, is and will be pictures related to the world of the film industry. For Lord of the Rings fans, extraordinary pictures of the Middle-earth map in original color and design will come in handy. Anyone who is still waiting for a letter from Hogwarts can safely buy triptychs with the image of their favorite characters or the territory of the Wizarding School of Charms. Passionate lovers of the eternal winter that is coming, Daenerys, dragons and epicness (in short, Game of Thrones fans) will absolutely love the Westeros and Essos map canvas, which will give your home theater a little bit of belligerence, courage, toughness and show that you are a true connoisseur of beauty.

You can find all the above elements and even more in the best picture resource on the Internet, proven by years of work and thousands of positive reviews on the Internet.

As for the design, in this case it is desirable that the home theater fit into the overall style of the interior and does not violate the proportions of the room. If your living room is made in a classic style, then the appliances can be built into a cabinet with a folding shelf to mask the screen. If in a modern style, modern style or hi-tech, then the details of technical devices can be left in sight for a more spectacular design. Or build a niche in the wall or under the ceiling, where you can hide the video system in cases where it is not needed.

2. Cinema interior in a private house or in a separate room

Happy owners of private houses and cottages can create a separate soundproof space for a home theater. This means that they are able to realize any fantasies in arranging the design of this room!

Any design style can be interestingly beaten and create a real masterpiece – a cinema that you don’t want to leave.

Lined leather recliner chairs, a wood-framed screen, a chocolate-brown color palette with terracotta velvet, and you’re in for a clean, classic style. LED lighting, chrome decor and the “floating” effect due to the multi-level floor – and now, you have already got a high-tech cinema interior. Stylish carpets instead of armchairs and a lot of pillows – a minimalist interior will be a great solution for families with children watching cartoons together! If you are a sports fan, then it is worth equipping the interior with several screens, a bar counter and a refrigerator. In such a room, you can follow the course of sporting events with your friends! In the case you are a true lover of high-quality cinema, then by equipping a room in the style of VIP halls with comfortable easy chairs, you can immerse yourself in the atmosphere of fictional worlds and heroes for a long time, forgetting about everything in the world.

3. Outdoor home theater design

Today, owners of country houses can even afford such a luxury as their own outdoor home theater!

Terraces, gazebos, lawns in the courtyard, equipped with special equipment, make it possible to enjoy outdoor viewing on a warm summer day. A full-scale screen and powerful acoustics, inflatable chairs or cushion chairs, garden benches and plastic tables – all this can be easily taken out and put away immediately after viewing. Furniture and appliances for this option should be light and mobile, so that under changing weather conditions, the film screening can be quickly curtailed.

4. Lighting: to be or not to be

Like sound, light affects the comfort of a film. If there is a lot of light, the picture looks dim. If there is no lighting at all, the brightness of the screen quickly tires the eyes. Therefore, regulated sources with scattered light of different intensity are needed. They are located peripherally, on the border of the gaze directed at the screen, two muffled sources – behind the screen canvas. Finishing the ceiling and walls should not glare. The windows are covered with heavy curtains so that the street light does not disturb the created twilight.

Having your own home theater is a dream come true for any movie buff. Proper arrangement of the premises is closely intertwined with the design, so it is better to think over every detail of the future cinema in advance and before major repairs. But any difficulties are worth it to be able to enjoy your favorite tapes at any time of the day at home. After all, the time spent with loved ones will always remain in your heart.