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RG Hi-Nu Gundam: The Best Grade Of All Time

The Gundam mobile suit is arguably one of the most intriguing pieces of action suits in all of Anime and probably even in the entire entertainment world. The suit, which has immense features, most of which Iron Man’s suit can only dream of, is the desire of many franchise enthusiasts. While people will never have the opportunity to get into a real-life Gundam suit, nothing stops you from getting the nearest best thing: an RG Hi-Nu Gundam action figure.  


These nifty action figures will give you the thrill of your life, exposing you to the fun you had never thought of before. However, let us not get ahead of ourselves. Let us first discuss some background information on the Gundam suit for those unfamiliar with the franchise. 

What Is The Gundam Suit?  

In case you are one of the newbies in the field of Anime and need to learn a lot about Gundam suits and, by extension, the RG Hi-Nu Gundam, then this bit of background information is good for you. Created by legendary anime screenplay writer and director Yoshiyuki Tomino as the central figure of the Mobile Suit Gundam franchise, the Gundam suits are a kind of military-equipped suit with immense functionality. The suits are equipped with weapons and gadgets that the user aboard can use in the various escapades surrounding the storyline of the shows and movies. 

Ideally, the rider would board the suit with a cockpit on its torso. Inside the suit, the rider or operator can use various controls to move the suit around and use gadgets such as weapons. However, the head of the mobile suit works as a camera connected to the cockpit. The camera atop the head of the Gundam suit allows the operator to have a 360-degree vision of the mobile suit’s surroundings, thus allowing for well-equipped functionality. 

Fans of the franchise and the story behind the suit as it pertains to the battle between the Principality of Zeon and their highly agile mobile suits, the Zaku, against the Earth Federation’s weaker force will be thrilled to know that they can also have the same experience with the action figures perfectly scaled to the real-life mobile suits. 

The RG Hi-Nu Gundam 

The Mobile Suit Gundam: Char’s Counterattack – Beltorchika’s Children produced one of the most iconic Gundam of all time, the Hi-Nu Gundam. The RG Hi-Nu Gundam model kit is a perfect replica of the original suit, making it one of the most entertaining pieces of model kits any franchise enthusiast can explore. While many vendors give a caveat that the model kit one purchases might be slightly different from the suit as represented in the Mobile Suit Gundam: Char’s Counterattack – Beltorchika’s Children, the original suit has a striking similarity to the models, thus making it quite popular among the fans of the franchise. 

The RG Hi-Nu Gundam model comes at a scale of 1/144 of the original, with nearly all of the original accessories and features ideal for any pose you want to explore. This real-grade model kit has numerous tools you can explore, especially if you enjoy DIY activities, as you have the pleasure of building your kit from scratch, just as the engineers at Project V did for the original mobile kits for the Earth Federation’s military force.  

The manufacturers have also maintained the aesthetically pleasing box, which has been the norm for many RG kits produced in the franchise. As such, you will enjoy keeping the box and the kit alike, knowing that all will look very pleasing on your shelf or nightstand, whichever you prefer. The box explains in detail how to assemble the kit, the different poses that work for the kit, and the best way to have the kit work for you. However, some instructions are in Japanese, so you may have to rely on the images if Japanese writings are not your strong suit. 

What Does the Kit Include?  

Aside from the aesthetics of the box, the kit comes with nifty tools and accessories that will be very exciting for any purchaser. These include the Beam Rifle, the shield, a beam saber, hand parts, weapons and ammunition, a large bazooka, a weapon holder, and so forth. However, the kit does not come equipped with an Action Base, which can be a tad disappointing for a regular user. The realistic details of the kit cover up for its inadequacies concerning the Action Base. 

The kit comes fully equipped with a decal sheet that reflects brilliantly against the light, as well as the runner SB 13, which helps to create the blue beam for the saber effect, as is the case with the original on the Mobile Suit Gundam: Char’s Counterattack – Beltorchika’s Children. The assembly process of the entire kit can be daunting for a novice, but lucky for you, in case you are less experienced with the assembly process, you can always watch a few YouTube tutorials detailing the entire process.  

Nifty Tools For Fun 

The kit comes with many different functional tools that can be very exciting for you if you want to explore them. For instance, the kit has multiple types of arms, which you can switch out depending on your preferences. These include the open fist, the close fits for punches, and the action or trigger arm specifically for the right hand to allow the action figure to trigger the bazooka or the iconic beam rifle.  

Aside from the arms, numerous other gimmicks on the RG Hi-Nu Gundam, like the backpack, which can store the bazooka and beam rifle, the sabers attachments on the forearms, and the back gimmick, which can be modified and moved to give the Gundam different other poses.  

 Parting Shot  

As you can see, the RG Hi-Nu Gundam stands supreme over the different other kinds of RGs. It goes without saying that this article cannot do justice to the RG Hi-Nu Gundam’s beauty, considering that there are many other accessories you can explore when you get your kit. The kit is reasonably priced at around $55 to $60, which, considering its number of functionalities, is a steal. Well then, what are you waiting for? Get your own RG Hi-Nu Gundam from your nearest supplier as soon as possible.