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Weddings abroad for Israelis for $500

Registration of marriage abroad, despite the serious popularization of this phenomenon in recent years, still remains a very adventurous step, which is not suitable for everyone. But despite the thousands of couples each year deciding on this step. The reasons for such an action can be quite different and for each person, they can be quite different.


In this matter, Israelis are no exception and also quite often resort to the services of foreign wedding agencies for weddings abroad or organize these wedding trips on their own.

There may be several reasons for wanting to get married abroad residents of Israel:

  • Personal preference. Many couples take this step simply due to personal preferences, such as seeking a more exotic location or wanting to get married in a particular location that is in another country.
  • Living in another country. Israelis living abroad as expatriates for work, study, or other reasons may find themselves in a foreign country for an extended period of time, leading to the development of relationships with locals or members of other nationalities. These relationships may eventually lead to marriage.
  • International relationships. Israel’s population is diverse, with a large portion of its citizens immigrating from around the world. Israelis who have international ties through family, friends, or social networks may choose to marry abroad to maintain or strengthen these ties.
  • Financial constraints. A wedding in Israel may be trivial for lovers, given the local tradition of wedding celebrations for hundreds of invitees. Getting married abroad can save them significantly on their budget.
  • Religious or ethnic considerations. Some couples belonging to religious or ethnic minorities in Israel may face social or cultural obstacles to getting married in their community. In such cases, they may choose to marry abroad so that they do not encounter barriers.
  • Travel and adventure. Some lovers, choose to marry in another country out of a sense of adventure or a desire to travel and experience new cultures. This may be due to a sense of curiosity, a desire for novelty, or a love of travel.
  • Legal or immigration reasons. In some cases, partners decide to marry abroad for legal or immigration reasons. For example, such a marriage may enable a non-citizen to reside in Israel and begin the StePro procedure.

It is important to note that these reasons are not exhaustive, and individual motives for marrying abroad can vary widely. Marriage abroad is a personal choice, and the factors influencing that decision can be complex and multifaceted.

As for our topic today, namely budget weddings for Israelis, let’s discuss in more detail where and what you can get for such a very modest amount as $500.

The initial challenge for couples who want a budget wedding is to find a country that falls within these five criteria:

  • The ability for foreigners to get married in that country.
  • No need to obtain a visa or minimal requirements to do so.
  • Minimal paperwork is required to get married.
  • High rate of registration.
  • Low cost of the wedding and related services.

And the country of Georgia fits perfectly into these requirements.

If the country is chosen, the next step is to decide whether you will do the wedding on your own or turn to professionals.

Both options, of course, have their advantages, but you should understand that by saving money by choosing the first option you are unlikely to succeed, but postponing your wedding indefinitely may well succeed.

Georgia, like any other country, has its own legislature, and locals have their own language and mentality, so in order to fully understand what is happening and to be sure that everything goes according to plan, it is worth asking for professional help.

Having organized more than one wedding, we can say from our own experience that even the obvious at first sight things can create a lot of problems for foreigners. So do not take risks, contact the wedding agency “Shu Wedding” and consult at least with us about how realistic it is to realize what you want.

Choosing to work with a professional wedding planner, you are entrusting his care literally all the nuances and processes, you only need to provide the documents, arrive at the place of marriage registration and say “Yes, I do!” But, this is if you work with professionals, so pay attention to the reviews and reputation of the agency.

A $500 wedding. What does it look like?

Shu Wedding’s package for this amount includes the following services:

  • Legal and organizational consultation, discussing the entire plan of action, including location, date of registration, and your other wishes.
  • Conclusion of an official contract with our agency.
  • Translation of your documents into Georgian with notary certification and apostille.
  • Submission of application for marriage in the House of Justice.
  • Providing witnesses, if you do not have them (obligatory condition for the conclusion of marriage in Georgia).
  • Interpreter during the marriage ceremony.
  • Translation of the marriage certificate and apostille.
  • Transfer.

In addition, we can take care of renting your accommodation, car, restaurant, employment of a photographer, makeup artist, stylist, decorator, and organization of your leisure. All this and much more are on the list of services we can provide for foreign couples.

Also, an important plus of weddings in Georgia is the ability to combine the wedding and honeymoon. Immediately after the marriage registration, you can get your marriage certificate and go on a real honeymoon trip. By visiting even a few locations, you will be able to fully appreciate the beauty of this country and leave for yourself unforgettable impressions of the experience.

Don’t be afraid to take risks, because a budget wedding, even for $500, can be a dream wedding if you choose the right location.