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Eight Famous Art Installations Around the World

Art comes in many forms and sizes, which is why so many people are drawn to it.


Whether you admire classic paintings, modern sculptures, or famous landmarks in Atlantic City, you may have an appreciation for creative and unique items.

One of the best ways to appreciate the creativity of other people is by visiting art installations.

If you live in a big city in the United States or another country or are planning to visit such areas, you can likely find some great pieces in these collections.

Below are the top ten most famous art installations around the world.


1. Heartbeat by Charles Petillon

A display that features 100,000 balloons by Charles Petillon, Heartbeat was located in London. The exhibition of art was a great way to attract locals and tourists to a popular city shopping area.

One of the reasons why this installation was so popular is because of its simplicity. Modern art can be a little difficult for some people to understand, which is why pieces that only use a few materials are so inspirational. Heartbeat shows that even with a few items, you can create beauty.

2. Diminish and Ascend by David McCracken

Located in Sydney, Australia, Diminish and Ascend is a staircase near the water that is around 30 feet in length and 16.5 feet in height. The staircase goes all the way up but eventually stops as it reaches for the sky.

The idea of the artwork is to showcase a staircase to heaven, and the installation often leaves passers-by and visitors in awe. The area where it is located is already very beautiful, and this piece adds to the charm.


3. Pulled by the Roots by Leandro Erlich

Another great piece of work, Pulled by the Roots is the brainchild of Leandro Erlich. Located in Karlsruhe, Germany, this features a home that looks as though it has been uprooted from the rest of the building.

The exhibition showcases the small house higher up from the rest of the building, with tree roots making up the distance between the two structures. The installation is meant to showcase themes such as uprooting, immigration, and simulation.

4. Kusama: Cosmic Nature by Yayoi Kusama

Cosmic Nature by Yayoi Kusama is a beautiful exhibit found in New York City. The giant structure uses many elements, such as colored glass and shifting lights to create various perspectives when people are passing by and viewing it.

If you want to imagine what it looks like, think about bright tulips, vibrant trees high in the sky, and massive pumpkins that look as though they have polka-dots on them. That is the impression you get when you view this beauty in NYC.


5. Chihuly Gardens and Glass by Dale Chihuly

Gardens and Glass by Dale Chihuly is close to the Space Needle in Seattle, Washington. It is a giant glasshouse of more than 4,500 feet, with a 100-foot-long sculpture featured near the roof.

Visitors not only see the gorgeous mix of red, orange, and yellow flower petals that make up the sculpture, but they can also enjoy other sights within the structure. Chihuly has set up various indoor art galleries for visitors to enjoy.

6. Tippet Rise Art Center

If you are ever visiting Montana, you may want to stop by Fishtail, Montana to check out the Tippet Rise Art Center. The unique sculpture garden spans around 13 miles of a working ranch and features many great works from local and international artists.

One of the most unique works is by Patrick Dougherty, called Daydreams, which features a schoolhouse that has willow nests running through and around it.

7. Philadelphia Magic Gardens by Isaiah Zagar

The Magic Gardens in Philadelphia started as a creation by Isaiah Zagar in the late 1960s. He wanted to beautify a part of the city that had only experienced neglect.

Zagar spent years plastering walls and sidewalks with mosaics that he made from clay tiles, discarded junk, and other options. These now fill six blocks in that area, with other artists joining in over the years.

8. Prada Marfa by Michael Elmgreen and Ingar Dragset

A unique sculpture that first appeared in the mid-2000s and was made by two German artists, Prada Marfa is located on a highway northeast of the tiny town of Marfa in Texas.

The installation is a storefront with the words Prada Marfa written on its exterior. While the aesthetic may look as though it is a real store, the entire structure is made from adobe. The idea is that it will naturally decay over time, with the changes becoming a part of the installation.