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15 Adorably Needy Pets Who Refuse To Be Ignored

15. Chapter Six is Not Important!

Image: The

Cats tend to have NO respect for personal space. Therefore, if you expect to get any reading done, you need to know you’ll have a partner as you try to get through the latest Stephen King.


14. Hey! Can you See Me Now?

Image: Sad and Useless

This pug is determined to get attention and he doesn’t care how uncomfortable you get! How could you say no to that sweet face, though?

13. Um, Excuse Me? No Studying!

Image: I Heart Dogs

We don’t think this young lady will be getting any schoolwork done anytime soon. It seems her furry friend is going to demand attention and get it!

12. You Will Get Nothing Done

Image: The

Some cats simply don’t care about your daily activities and will make sure they get the attention they think they deserve. As you can see, these felines are ready for some loving…right this instant!

11. Um, Hello?

Image: Brightside’

Dad, I think it’s time we had a talk about your priorities. Mainly, that I should be NUMBER ONE!

10. Game of Ferrets! Binge Watch ME Dad!


Netflix is not that important. My nap time, however, is! We think this ferret gets his way more often than not!

9. Work isn’t Necessary

Image: Brightside

This dog definitely believes a good chin scratch is long overdue. Any responsible dog owner would realize that work must wait when the pooch wants some attention.

8. Voldemort Dies! There, Now Pay Attention to Me!

Image: Mix. Tn. KZ

This dog is determined to ruin the ending of any book his master reads. It’s also possible he would like to know what’s going on in the story too. Dogs do love books ya know!

7. Gaming? I Think Not!

Image: Eat Liver

Video games are responsible for real-life violence, don’t you know that daddy!? These furry friends will make up any excuse for their owners to put the controller down.

6. Move Over, This is My Moment!

Image: Charleston Mercury

Talk about being photogenic! This precious pooch is ready for his close up! Oh, and his owner looks pretty good as well.

5. We All Know This Face

Image: River City

This look says it all. “I feel neglected, now show me some love.” Any dog owner knows this expression and when it appears you better be ready to love in overdrive!

4. Not Enough Attention Here

Image: I Heart Dogs

Sometimes you just have to take a day to spend with your dog. This pooch was certainly ready for some cuddles.

3. I’m the Birdie, Gotta Love Me!

Image: Quora

Who knew birds could be so affectionate? You can definitely tell this little man is quite the spoiled one. But how could you ever resist that sweet face?

2. Another Kiss? Don’t Mind if I Do!

Image: Youtube/Peta

Puppy kisses are the absolute best, so we see nothing wrong here! There’s nothing stronger than the bond between pooch and master!

1. I Will Love You Forever

There’s nothing sweeter than a dog and their owner sharing a well-deserved hug. Dogs are such precious gifts, don’t you think?