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Blackjack Strategies, Basic Things to Know

To play blackjack and be successful means that you should understand the game at its core. The best way to do that is to pick a basic blackjack strategy that will allow you to really take your gameplay to the next level. One such stratagem that is commonly used by gamers who are new and experienced is the blackjack sheet; it allows you to quickly adjust to any situation and do so with a thorough understanding of what optimal play is.


You see, a blackjack cheat card is there to provide you with the odds of every outcome and what the best possible play in each situation is. Even though it’s called a “cheat sheet,” there are hardly any casinos that will ban the sheet from play and tell you not to use it. In fact, this sheet is the basis of any successful gameplay.

Below, we will discuss some of the basic rules for blackjack that will help you elevate your gameplay and truly take it to the next level. Don’t you worry about getting things wrong because chances are that you will anyway? The thinking here is to stay focused on what you can do to beat the dealer and casino.

Avoid Playing the Insurance

The best piece of advice you can receive regarding blackjack is to always avoid the insurance bet. While it may seem like a good idea to “recover” some of the money you would potentially lose, there is a grander concept here. The idea is not to put yourself in losing situations. While statistically, some hands will flop, they are all part of the cheat sheet which is perfectly normal. The insurance bet is a good idea in theory, but the reality is that blackjack’s return rate drops from 99% to just 94% if you choose to pay the insurance bet. Tempting as it may sound, you may be much better off without one.

Always Reference the Dealer’s Up Card

To put any strategy in play, you must check the dealer’s face-up card and decide how to act based on that information. If you are not entirely clear on the details, you can just as well put yourself in a better position where you reference the cheat sheet, and it tells you how to act in every situation.

Either way, you ought to remember that there are two ways to collect information in this game – the dealer’s card and what he does relative to the face-up card, and your own two cards, which you may also tinker around with to deliver on optimal gameplay as well.

Remember to Start with Small Bets

Blackjack can be a fantastic game and as such it often gets emotions high which is precisely what the casino expects. You shouldn’t give in to emotion, no matter how sweet a win feels because you can quickly set yourself back and undo any progress you have achieved. So far as great blackjack tips go, we believe this one to be one of the best you can get today. You should focus on running small wagers rather than jumping into a high-roller premise right from the start. Players who tread easily are far less likely to make mistakes and walk away from the winners of the table.

Forget about Gambler’s Fallacies

Often, new players will jump straight to some superstition to make sure that the game plays out exactly as they expect it to. Sadly, this is hardly always the case, and you will notice that all the bagging of the fates won’t help you. Luck does play a role in blackjack, but unfortunately, you have no way of channeling that luck into your own gameplay, as it’s all complete randomness. Many gamblers have some small rituals they use, but while it may seem they are using it to channel that luck, what they are doing is to calm their own nerves.

Remember to Have Fun

Sometimes players get too heavily focused on the strategy part of the game that they forget to have fun. Not having fun means that you will lose appetite for the game in the long term and simply give up on it. It’s best to always remember that blackjack is supposed to be a bit of fun above all else and that winnings are a byproduct of you having fun. Don’t push yourself too hard and always focus on the gameplay aspect of the game.